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Aromatherapy Green Gifts - Kits and Gifts

Aromatherapy Green Gifts
Green Gifts for

Special Occasions &
Holiday Season 
Simply a Thoughtful Gift

Garden of Eve is proud to offer hand crafted skin care products that are created primarily with organically grown and wild crafted botanical ingredients. You will not find any harmful synthetic ingredients in our products. This choice is made in support of protecting the health of people and the planet.

As a notable ‘green’ company, our business practices are in support of sustaining the health of the planet.  We practice the 3 R's of sustainability - reduce, reuse, recycle.  We implement these principles with our choice of materials, office and production practices and choice of packaging materials.  We also choose to support fair trade companies.

There are several terms you may come across that identify ‘green companies’ - eco-friendly, earth friendly, planet friendly, green organic and sustainable business. They are all essentially committed to the same concepts of making choices to improve the health of our planet. 

To assist you in your green shopping online  we offer special combinations of our natural organic skin care products. You can find these on the Kits & Gifts page.  You will also find wonderful green gifts among the Aromatherapy Hand & Body Care products. I expect you will find the yummy scents will warm and uplift your spirit, while the luxurious creams will deeply nourish your skin.  You can count on Garden of Eve skin care to be a gift of value that will make a heart felt impression. 

Check back in the Fall for special combinations of products that are offered as our Green Holiday Season Gifts.

In Support of Skin Care that Cares for Our Planet.