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Four Cedarwoods; Skin and Health Benefits

Cedarwood essential oil



There are several species of Cedar and Juniper that are named Cedarwood.  Some belong to the Pinaceae family and others to the Cupressaceae family. Both families belong to the Conifer class. As such their compositions differ and so do their benefits. It is therefore important to know what genus and species you are using. These are the four major species:

Atlas cedarwood, Cedrus atlantica- believed to have originated from the Lebanon cedar, Cedrus libani, of Bible fame, which grows wild in Lebanon and on the island of Cyprus. Today those trees are protected. Atlas cedarwood is closely related to Himalayan cedarwood. Both are Pines and offer similar benefits.

Color: yellow to orange-yellow, or deep amber

Aromaslightly camphoraceous, and a sweet tenacious woody undertone.  

Benefits:  Skin care treatment, respiratory ailments, nervous tension and stress related conditions.

Historical: believed to be used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming purposes for its purification properties, cosmetics and perfumery.

According to the Song of Solomon, cedarwood was used to build Solomon’s temple. Cedarwood symbolized abundance, fertility, and spiritual strength.

Origin Name: cedrus originates from the Arabic word kedron meaning power

Extraction method: of all the species of cedarwood are extracted by steam distillation of wood pieces of the trees.

Steam distillation of Cedarwood began about 5,500 years ago. The best quality of essential oil of the Cedar atlas is from trees that are 20-30 feet tall.

The oil from the heart wood of the tree is warmer, more balsamic and aromatic  

Himalayan cedarwood, Cedrus deodora 

Color: yellowish to brownish yellow

Aroma: rich herbaceous, camphoraceous, pleasant woody-balsamic undertone reminiscent of Atlas  cedarwood.

Virginian cedarwood, Juniperus virginiana commonly known as Southern Red cedarwood.

Color: pale yellow to slightly orange-yellow.

Aroma: woody with sweet balsamic scent similar to cedar lumber

Traditionally used in aromatherapy for respiratory infections, nervous tension and stress-related disorders.

The wood has been highly prized for furniture making. Older trees contain more of the reddish heartwood giving a beautiful surface when polished, as well as yield more of the essential oil.

Texas cedarwood, Juniperus mexicana

Color: dark orange to brownish

Aroma: pleasant, sweet-woody yet somewhat tar-like or smoky

Properties are similar to Virginia Cedarwood, as both are juniperus i.e. Cypress vs. Pine.


Japanese Hibawood, Thujopsis dolabrata is yet another cedar, along with Japanese Sugi,and Hinoki.


Health Benefits of cedarwood (cedrus and juniperus):

Skin care – beneficial for oily skin, acne, eczema, weeping or cracked skin, psoriasis.

dry scalp.  A mist of the Hydrosol is a good method of application for irritated, allergic skin conditions.

Hair – for dry hair, dandruff, scalp itch, thinning hair, alopecia

Garden of Eve products with Cedarwood:
Cedarwood is particularly nice for men's skin care products.  It keep pores clear and the aroma is soothing and warming and supportive of 'moving out in the world.'
Adam's Face Cream

Adam's Shave Cream


General Health

Pain relief


Inflammation of skin disorders and Arthritis

Respiratory ailments – asthma, bronchitis, coughs, phlegm, nasal and lung congestion

Urinary and Pulmonary antiseptic

Antiseptic for cleaning and healing wounds


Lymphatic drainage

Nervous disorders

Calms the mind

Relieves tension

Reduces stress-related disorders

Boosts confidence and emotional strength in times of crisis

Improves mental focus


Tightens muscles and firms skin

Insect repellant


SAFETY Precautions:

Not to be taken internally

Avoid during pregnancy

Patch test for sensitivity


Author, Eve Stahl, is a Health Consultant, Herbalist and Skin Care expert. She specializes in using nature's plants to enhance the health of people and to protect the health of our planet. To achieve this purpose she has created Garden of Eve Skin Care products for sensitive skin and all skin types. You can visit her company at: www.gardenofeve.com Prospective Affiliates visit: www.gardenofeveskincare.com/affiliate-application. 

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