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Setting the Record Straight Lavender is Not Estrogenic





It IS Safe for Use During Pregnancy

The safety of Lavender is one of the most falsely reported topics about essential oils. Its safety has been passed over and false reports of its lack of safety have spread across the internet and major media without valid reference and without substantiation.

When looking for valid information the best sources are the world renowned aromatherapy experts: Salvatore Battaglia, Robert Tisserand, Jeanne Rose, Valerie Worwood, Julia Lawless, Suzanne Catty, to name a few.

The following information is excerpted from an article by Robert Tisserand, one such trusted essential oil expert. You may want to bookmark his blog http://roberttisserand.com/blog/

“Lavender oil does not mimic estrogen nor does it enhance the body’s own estrogens. It is therefore not a ‘hormone disruptor’, cannot cause breast growth in young boys (or girls of any age), and is safe to use by anyone at risk for estrogen-dependent cancer. The lack of estrogenic action is the conclusion of a new report. This used a novel form of “uterotrophic’ assay” which measures the effect of a test substance on the uterus of immature or estrogen-deprived female rats over three days. The assay has been in use since the 1930s, was adopted by the OECD in 2007, and is now regarded as the “benchmark animal assay for estrogenic effects” (Politano 2013).

Since 2007 there have been many warnings about lavender and tea tree oils that relate back to this study. Others have suggested that such cautions are unnecessary and premature. The new research, in which considerable quantities of lavender oil were used, found that there was no increase in uterine weight, and so no estrogenic action.

Safety in pregnancy is a broader question than hormonal action alone, since affects on the fetus, or even miscarriage, are theoretically possible with any substance. The question of uterine stimulation and miscarriage was thoroughly investigated here, and there is clearly no risk. As for fetal effects we know that linalool, a major constituent of lavender oil, is not fetotoxic to pregnant rats …at an oral dose equivalent to a human oral dose of 60 g, or 2 oz per day… The chances of lavender oil being fetotoxic in the amounts used in personal care products are negligible, considering the small amounts both applied to, and subsequently absorbed by human skin (Cadby et al 2002).

The new research findings represent a major development in our knowledge of lavender oil safety, since the possibility of estrogenic action now looks remote. While no single test should be taken as absolutely conclusive, we can expect the volume of noise about lavender being estrogenic to diminish considerably.”

Read the complete article: http://roberttisserand.com/2013/02/lavender-oil-is-not-estrogenic/

Why We Love Lavender Now that we can relax about the safety of using lavender essential oil let’s enjoy a look at the extensive benefits of Lavender.
Lavender is the most versatile of all essential oils. It contains more natural chemical constituents than any other plant (as many as 200) and therefore has a great range of effectiveness. That is why it is referred to as the Universal essential oil. This also makes it a good first aid choice when traveling.

It’s refreshing clean scent is like a soothing breath of fresh air. It is a sweet and happy scent which makes it a natural for children. Lavender is welcoming, calming and lifts the spirit all at once. When we inhale an aroma, the scent affects the mind, the psyche and the physical body. Lavender can relax, inspire and relieve a headache merely with its scent. It is also an effective antidepressant.

The physical benefits of lavender when used in topical are extensive. Besides being excellent for dry skin Lavender supports wound healing by stimulating cells to regenerate more rapidly and thus reduce the development of scar tissue.

It is soothing and supportive for the regeneration of damaged or fragile skin. This makes it a primary first aid essential oil for burns from fire, kitchen mishaps sun burn and abrasions.

Lavender prevents build up of excess sebum which bacteria feed on. This effectively antimicrobial action makes it highly beneficial for ameliorating Acne.

This is why I use it in my Clearly Lovely (Acne prone skin) and Expectantly Lovely (Safe for Pregnancy) face creams and facial toners.

Lavender is also beneficial for soothing, repairing and even preventing diaper rash. I use it in my Light & Lovely – Lavender Hand and Body cream for that purpose.

For Men, Lavender is effective for soothing skin after shaving, supporting regeneration of irritated skin and preventing in grown hairs. Yes, it is in my Adam’s After Shave/Toner.

It is a Summertime favorite for insect bites to reduce the itch or sting. And in mists, it is used for cooling and for alleviating heat rash and hot flashes.

That is the scoop on The Universal essential oil, Lavender.

Note Good Books:

Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand

Essential Guide to Herbal Safety by Simon Mills and Kerry Bone

Complete Guide to Aromatherapy by Salvatore Battaglia

ALSO – http://roberttisserand.com/2011/07/lavendar-essential-oil-and-cancer-question-answer/ Garden of Eve as pure as it gets


Author, Eve Stahl, is a Health Consultant, Herbalist and Skin Care expert. She specializes in using nature’s plants to enhance the health of people and to protect the health of our planet. To achieve this purpose she has created Garden of Eve Skin Care products for sensitive skin and all skin types. You can visit her company at: www.gardenofeve.com Prospective Affiliates visit: www.gardenofeveskincare.com/affiliate-application

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