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Sinus Saviors - Are You a Sinus Sufferer

Are You a Sinus Sufferer?
There are a variety of sinus related symptoms, from a stuffy or runny nose to head congestion or headache.  My personal bane is pressured and puffy eyes.
The best health advice I ever heard is to 'Take charge of your health and it won't take charge of you.'


What We Can Do

There is much that we can do to take care of our own health. 
The beauty of working with elements of nature - herbs, essential oils, spices, homeopathy and nutrition, is how simple and effective natural remedies can be. 

In my health consulting practice, I found that sinus issues appeared to be a universal year 'round ailment.  Since I treasure my health and always feeling as good as I can (truly I'm a wuss about not feeling good) I always have on hand my go to remedies - herbs, essential oils and whatever I know will help to keep me on top of my health.

If you are a 'Do it Your Self' person, you can start by googling sinus herbs, sinus essential oils, and sinus remedies. 


The Magic of Nature

I find essential oils are magnificent for immediate sinus relief.  Eucalyptus and Peppermint are reported to 'open' the head and sinuses even if you think you can't inhale.  Ah! What Magic! 

I love to inhale Eucalyptus essential oil and feel how deep it travels in my head.

It is also worthwhile to remember the 'good old' folk remedies like Garlic - Yumm eat lots of it! When steaming garlic be sure to let it cool before inhaling. And of course, an apple a day will keep the doctor away. Also, steaming the head will open the sinus pathways.  Neti pots do wonders too.
Most important is to pay attention to and avoid what aggravates your sinuses - e.g. which foods, climate (cold/wind), environment, cleaning products and/or personal care products. Becoming aware of what to avoid, can help make a significant improvement.


Creating Optimum Health 

There are simple things that we can do to maintain optimum health, particularly in the face of seasonal distress.  Keep the immune system strong by maintaining a balanced nutritional plan that is rich in anti-oxidant vegetables and fruits.  Drink sufficient purified water. Get fresh air and exercise. And be consistent with rest and relaxation practices.  
Create the life that you enjoy!
Good health doesn't cost, it pays.
Read more about Creating Health and Your Fountain of Youth at: 

Yours in Health and Beauty,
Eve Stahl

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