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What is Hidden in Fragrance vs Natural Perfume Oil - Aromatic Alchemy?


 Exquisite Aromatic Oils Made with Pure Essential OIls of Flowers

What is Hidden in Fragrance?

Many people are aware that fragrance in body care products causes them headaches, nausea, asthma and allergies. This seemingly benign term on a product label is masking harmful ingredients called pthalates which have been linked to birth defects, lung, liver and kidney damage and cancer. Pthalates are used to dissolve other ingredients and to extend the life of fragrances. A loophole in the federal law allows manufacturers to hide potentially hazardous synthetic chemicals in product ‘fragrance.’ 

The National Academy of Sciences suggests that fragrance chemicals should be studied for neurotoxicity. The popular fragrance Musk is a synthetic compound added to fragrance as a scent fixative. Studies have shown that it has neurotoxic properties. Synthetic Fragrance Chemicals are also added to most household cleaners and laundry products. Much of this ends up in our streams and rivers from the discharge of wastewater from sewage treatment which does not remove petro-chemical fragrance compounds. 

There is an overwhelming amount of cosmetic and body care products on the market. Even more overwhelming is the task of selecting safe products. Manufacturer’s labeling is often not clear and not completely forthcoming with all of their ingredients.  To help protect consumers and assist us with safe  product selections the Environmental Working Group along with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has developed the Skin Deep cosmetic database.http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/ here you can research products, ingredients, companies and their brands.  It is worth a look at this website to learn about the health risks associated with the ingredients that are in the products that you and your family are using.

Garden of Eve products are formulated with all natural botanical ingredients.  The essential oils that we use are organically grown or wild crafted.  I choose the essential oils for their beneficial skin properties; their scents are incidental to the formulas.  This form of natural scent is harmless to most people.  However, some people’s systems are highly sensitive and easily overwhelmed by scent – even natural scent.  Therefore I make all of my facial cleansers, facial moisturizer creams, eye cream, and hand and body care products available in a no scent version.You can view these products by clicking here

Aromatic Alchemy - Natural Perfume Oils

However, whatever your aromatic pleasure, you can create a selection of aromatic essences purely with essential oils. Note that "perfume oils" and "fragrance oils" are usually synthetic renditions of pure essential oils and as such are equally as precarious as is "fragrance." You can enjoy experimenting with making your own blends.

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Author, Eve Stahl, is a Health Consultant, Herbalist and Skin Care expert. She specializes in using nature’s plants to enhance the health of people and to protect the health of our planet. To achieve this purpose she has created Garden of Eve Skin Care products for sensitive skin and all skin types. You can visit her company at: www.gardenofeve.com Prospective Affiliates visit: www.gardenofeveskincare.com/affiliate-application


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