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Why People Love and Must Have Garden of Eve Skin Care

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Why People Love and Must Have Garden of Eve Skin Care 


The initial responses that I hear most often are “It feels ‘so clean’ and fresh on the skin and it smells so good. It’s light on the skin, yet effective. People tell me they feel uplifted when using Garden of Eve products.

People appreciate that the product line is not complicated, it’s easy to understand which products to choose. Also, that the product formulations are straight forward without hype, designer ingredients - just pure nature’s plants that people recognize. 

The products are easy to use. A daily regimen takes only 1-2 minutes. And the skins improvement continues to build over time, even over years.

Some people have said they don’t have time to care for their skin, only to soon find that they look forward to each experience using the product.[i]

Garden of Eve products will take your skin on an enriching journey to be caressed and cleared and nourished by nature. Even the most sensitive skin is soothed by Garden of Eve products.

Some people also tell me they stop wearing foundation.  This tells me that the improved skin also supports one’s self-esteem.[ii]

When people tell me they have acne so bad they stopped going out[iii], or have to sleep sitting up to avoid headaches[iv] brought on by toxic skin care ingredients and found relief using Garden of Eve products, I know that my products accomplish what I set out to create, which is      non-toxic product that safeguards people’s health and eliminates people’s symptoms that were caused by toxic products – e.g. asthma, rashes, bronchitis, sinusitis. The exceptional effectiveness of the products for each skin type was an absolute must. 

Health & Environment -

Some people are keenly aware of the health risks in using products containing synthetic ingredients that research has shown can cause liver, kidney and lung damage, as well as miscarriages and birth defects and various cancers.

People feel secure using Garden of Eve, knowing that it is safe for their health and their family’s health.

Additionally the awareness that it is safe for the environment because the manufacture and use of it does not dump toxic chemicals into our sewage processing, to our ground and waterways, and ultimately into our air. This makes it a very positive choice for the family, the planet and the future of our planet.

Safeguarding generations of infants, children and their children from toxic synthetic chemicals and safe guarding the environment is a worthy choice to make and a worthy cause to be part of.

People feel good knowing that they are participating in a wholesome choice for their family’s health and for the planet. It is an awareness that is worth spreading.

Awareness of the importance of green, planet-friendly products has grown in recent years. Imagine how beautiful and safe our planet would be if only non-toxic, sustainable products of all kinds were used.

The more people who come to understand the importance of and experience non-toxic living, the greater the possibility of a clean, healthy planet for our future.

Gifting Garden of Eve skin care products is a great way to spread this awareness. And it is a loving gift that people enjoy receiving and are grateful to know for continued use. This is a caring way to spread awareness and benefit our friends and family…and planet.[v]  Gifting opportunities are plentiful - Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Newly Expecting, Birth of a child.

Raising the Bar on Skin Care Production

Garden of Eve skin care is an upscale brand, made with high quality ingredients. Clients recognize the difference in the quality of the product and the results they experience. The fact that so little product is needed adds to the value, as one jar of face cream will outlast other products on the market.  All factors together make Garden of Eve a product of value.[vi]

The major aspect that sets Garden of Eve apart from other brands is not just that I’m uncompromising on purity. As a Nutritional consultant and Herbalist, I have a deep understanding of nature’s plants and the human body. I am guided by the awareness that only pure nature supports our health!

Garden of Eve only uses plant ingredients in their whole natural form. This accounts for the ingredients being most effective and not harmful. A few years ago this type of formulating was unique to Garden of Eve products. Now I do see some companies approaching this concept and I hope to see more. 

Joy for Me and Joy for You -

The Joy of making Garden of Eve, for me, is working with nature’s plant essences in their purest form and hearing from clients about their joy in their experiences with the products.

I care that my clients get the proper skin care that suits them.  I am happy to consult with people to solve their skin care issues and bring their skin into a healthy balance and vitality. This is an important aspect of health care and I value each person’s experience.

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[i] “Your products are the nicest I have ever put on my face. At 51 I'm finally paying attention to skin care. It has seemed like a chore, but using your products is making it an experience I actually enjoy and look forward to. … -Pauli H. Charlottesville, VA


[ii] “I continue using your products twice daily. I’m noticing the thin broken blood vessels on my face are less visible. Most days I find I don’t need foundation, which I prefer not to use. I do like how my skin looks at the end of the day... feels and looks fresher now having used your wonderful inventions these past two months.” 
-Sandy J. Charlottesville, VA


[iii] My skin has been so broken out for years I couldn’t stand for people to see me.  I stopped going out. After using your Clearly Lovely products with the Facial Cleanse or Mask powder my skin cleared in just a few days. I am so grateful, I can go out now! Thank you!                                            Linda R.   Washington, DC


[iv] My doctor recognized that my headaches could be from the ingredients in my skin care products. He suggested that I try your brand. I was amazed! After only one day I could sleep through the night without headaches and without sitting up.  Thank you for making such clean products.        Jennifer T., Philadelphia, PA


[v] “We just love your product, and more importantly when putting the cream on our face we actually feel better knowing there aren't any toxic chemicals in it. Thank you!  Gail G. and friends, CANADA   (a group of ladies who received Garden of Eve Holiday Gift from a friend)


[vi] Oh my! Where do I begin without writing a novel? Your products are High End- Fine Organic Luxury That Works! Transform your looks instantly. And at a Reasonable Price too.” Stephanie T. Chatanooga, TN

Balanced Skin

“The texture of my skin has been great ever since I started using your products. I started when the dry winter air just became too much for my skin to handle. But since I started using Garden of Eve products, my skin has been perfectly balanced. …I have never used something on my face that felt that great. I thought that you would laugh when I tell you that after using the Facial Cleansing Nectar, I had to double check the label to make sure that I didn’t mistake it for the face cream. It’s so gentle. Cleansers never felt that great (and I use the ones they say are gentle.) The scent is great too, I love it. Thank you for making such great products!” 
Hidy B. Mill Creek, WA

Diaper Rash

Eve, your Light and Lovely Lavender cream helped my baby’s diaper rash to go away and it even seems to prevent it. Now Mama and baby are both happy.  Michelle H., Hong Kong


Author, Eve Stahl, is a Health Consultant, Herbalist and Skin Care expert. She specializes in using nature’s plants to enhance the health of people and to protect the health of our planet. To achieve this purpose she has created Garden of Eve Skin Care products for sensitive skin and all skin types. You can visit her company at: www.gardenofeveskincare.com Prospective Affiliates visit: www.gardenofeveskincare.com/affiliate-application




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