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Letter from Eve - Beauty and Skin Care



Welcome to Garden of Eve

Garden of Eve offers more than high quality skin care products, we also help you live a healthier lifestyle. As the creator of Garden of Eve, I am passionate about healthy living and feel a deep personal connection with nature. My guiding principle is to give skin the nourishment and balance it needs to attain its optimal condition.

Producing organic skin care products became my passion after I developed serious illnesses due to my exposure to toxic chemicals many years ago during an office renovation. After a diligent program of detoxification and rebuilding, I pursued a career as a health consultant and herbalist. In my practice I saw client after client exhibit persistent health problems due to insufficient diet and questionable skin care products. It was then that I recognized how critical it was to develop ‘clean products.’ Knowing that essential oils have been used as safe and potent beautifying agents since ancient times, I immersed myself in developing safe body care products with beneficial skin care properties.

Unlike many companies that claim to be ‘natural’, my individually handcrafted products are truly pure and safe and will give your skin the essential care that it needs to enhance its condition and preserve a youthful radiant appearance. My product ingredients include organic cold-pressed oils, organically grown and wildcrafted herbs and unrefined, unbleached hand-pressed butters and waxes. They are made with the finest quality ingredients as they are found in nature, with as little processing as possible. Most importantly, I understand that each person is unique and accordingly so is their skin. As an herbalist and beauty expert, I specialize in custom blending products for individuals with special needs.

Should you have any questions about my products or natural skin care, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for visiting Garden of Eve.

Yours in Health and Beauty,


Founder and President, Garden of Eve