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Natural Perfume


Exquisite Aromatic Oils Made with Pure Essential Oils of Flowers


Natural Perfume Oils - Aromatic Alchemy<

Our sense of smell is the most important of all our senses. An aroma can elicit a response in us that can create a mood or conjure up a memory. Emotions such as joy, happiness, romance, or sensuality can be stimulated by aromas. We can feel uplifted, safe, grounded and balanced, eager to move forward, or simply refreshed. All this from an experience with nature's elements blended into an exquisite aromatic potion.

A person will choose whatever aroma is drawn to them. Some say we choose by our emotional type or our seasonal type. We can seek to create an inspiration for ourselves or to attract others. Regardless, throughout the ages people have enjoyed adorning themselves with scent.

Whatever your aromatic pleasure, you can create a selection of aromatic essences purely with essential oils, that will inspire a variety of 'scentsations.' Note that "perfume oils" and "fragrance oils" are usually synthetic renditions of pure essential oils and as such are equally precarious as is "fragrance." You can enjoy experimenting with making your own blends.

How Natural Perfume oils differ from Commercial Perfumes

When first applied the aroma is clearly evident. With time the aromas noticeably change as they are complex blends and the top, middle and base note components transition. As the aromas ebb and flow, they also evaporate in stages. This aspect of Aromatic Alchemy a friend has referred to as “undulating” essences.

As the aroma seems to fade you can begin to focus on the energies of the perfume oils within your body and psyche … the ‘scensations’ of the blend. This is the unique benefit of Natural Perfume Oils.

Some blends are more subtle than others. They can be applied repeatedly. The aroma will remain evident longer as it fills the skin and stays on the skin’s surface.

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