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About Our Skin... Did You Know?

With the winter season all elements of nature change. Plants and trees are said to ‘go to sleep.’ The air is colder and dryer. The earth’s composition changes as it replenishes with quiet inner movement processing moisture and the nourishment of mulch. The composition of water also changes. It is more drying to our skin; and the clothes we wash become rougher to the touch and to our skin. The heating in our homes and work places dries out the air as well. Our skin thrives during the summer and spring absorbing gentle moisture from the air and absorbing water when we bathe. During the winter season our skin ‘misses’ that nurturing moisture.

By the time the Holiday Season arrives people are looking for skin care products to combat the drying and devitalizing effects of winter along with the dehydrating effects of Holiday foods - - yummy sweets and spirits.

Historically Garden of Eve Hand & Body Care and Face Care products are popular Holiday Gifts. We offer Holiday Special product sizes and combinations that are only available at this time of the year.

Garden of Eve Gifts are also an opportunity to enjoy to the Holiday Season with Green, Eco-friendly choices. See the article in the Living Green section below - Benefits of Purchasing from a Small Green Hand Crafting Company.