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Are Your Skin Care Products Safe? EWG - Skin Deep Report

In recent years there has been a steady increase in chemical sensitivity, food sensitivities and environmental sensitivities.  Many people’s systems are so sensitive they have difficulty finding skincare products that won’t cause a reaction.  The reactions people experience vary. Some people break out in a rash, while others get headaches or asthma from synthetically derived scents.  Most people who experience sensitivity reactions are actually blessed with this early warning mechanism.  It is far better to react with intolerance than to discover years later the effects of long term toxic overload from synthetic chemicals in body care and food products. 

The Environmental Working group (EWG) has developed a database entitled “Skin Deep Report.”  This database is a valuable tool for consumers who choose to be informed of the toxicity or lack of toxicity of the body care products they use.  The database report is quite user friendly.  It consists of 1002 Companies and their (14,390) products that have been rated specifically for the cancer risk associated with product ingredients.   The information is based on 37 toxicity and regulatory databases compiled to provide safety ratings and brand comparisons that help consumers choose safer products.

I suggest you go to the database www.ewg.org/reports/skindeep2/ and have some fun looking up different products to learn what they are made with and how they are rated.

If you haven’t guessed it already, I am happy to say, Garden of Eve’s skin care products have excellent scores:

     Garden of Eve Skin Care Brand Report:

 Garden of Eve Wise Woman Emollient Product:


Further Impact:

Any products we use that are made with toxic synthetic chemicals e.g. body care, food, cleaning products have a detrimental impact on our environment as well.  Foods and personal care products end up in human excretions, which along with cleaning products are washed down the drain into our waterways and earth.

Are You Sensitive to Scents?

Although the only scent in Garden of Eve skin care products is that of pure steam distilled plants, I understand some people’s systems are so sensitive they can easily be overwhelmed even by the scents of ingredients.

For this reason all Garden of Eve products are available with little or no scent. 

Being chemically sensitive myself, I know how difficult and frustrating it can be to find quality products you can use.  This is why I developed Garden of Eve skin care products – first for myself. 

Now, it is a pleasure for me to help people looking for non-toxic products that benefit their skin. Although most people do very well with my basic formulations,  I am happy to customize products when needed.


Custom Blending
For help choosing skin care products to meet your individual needs, contact Eve to schedule a consultation.



My April Newsletter will reveal:

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     The Benefits of sunlight

     Ways we can support our health to protect us from the harm of sunrays.


Yours in Health and Beauty,