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Aromatherapy Skincare for the Season A factual tale of What Organic IS

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Aromatherapy Skin Care for the Season

"Aromatherapy is one of nature's many gifts. Whether that gift comes from rose petals, peppermint leaves or juniper berries, we are all touched, in some way, by the quiet fingerprint of plants."  
                 - Patricia Carol Brooks, Aromatherapy Thymes

Yes! It is cold outside; and it is beautiful with snow. We’ve been hustling and bustling preparing for the season’s festivities.  This is a perfect time to turn to aromatherapy for its unique and profound nurturing properties.  

These are a few suggestions for the use of aromatherapy that you will find in the Garden of Eve Aromatic Hand & Body Creams, while at the same time soothing dry winter skin.

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Lavender is the all time soothing and relaxing scent.  It is also known to be effective for easing headaches.  It is especially known as the universal skin oil. Apply it to scrapes and scratches from handling decorative materials and they may repair in magical time.  

Citrus: orange, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot are reported to have a calming, uplifting effect.  This can be very helpful during this season while we have fewer hours of sunlight.  

Citrus and Patchouli can be blended to afford Peace & Calm.  This is one of our most popular blends.  

Rose and Citrus blended together are very uplifting and bring Joy to the Heart. Look for a romantic tale of ancient intrigue in the next newsletter.

X-Mas trees bring holiday cheer into our homes.  Garden of Eve’s Mountain Essence blend is available for maintaining that ‘scentiment’ once we remove the trees from our homes.  

Peppermint & Rosemary are invigorating essential oils that are found in the Revitalize blend.  Together they create a balance that is both stimulating and relaxing.  This may help you to tap into and replenish your natural energy after partaking in the energetic festivities of the season.

Custom Blending
For help choosing skin care products to meet your individual needs, contact Eve to schedule a consultation.

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Living Healthy, Living Green News:
After the Organic Trade Association (OTA) sneak attack on organic standards, published in my December Newsletter, manufacturers of organic products lost faith in that organization. It has become increasingly apparent that ‘Organic’ means what organic is…not a seal on a product, but rather how the product is actually made.  We can only be certain of what we are eating or putting on our bodies if we do our own due diligence by asking questions of the producers of the products we use.  Partaking in conversation with the producers of our products is feasible when we either purchase locally or direct from the producer.  In the hustle bustle of our 21st century fast paced lives, with unstable fuel prices teetering on increases at any unexpected moment, conscious consumers are looking toward the internet for researching and purchasing their products.

I found the following personal story by Nina Planck to be a charming and factual tale of what organic is.