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Garden of Eve - Newsletter

Mud Tips

August Newsletter is always a crunch for me. I like to put out valuable informative content, yet somehow come August my brain runs dry.

So, here we are in September with a few more ‘Mud Party’ tips and some customer feed back on the Hand and Body creams.

More Mud Party tips:

1. I have recently experimented with using the detoxifying properties of the mineral rich mud for alleviating pain.

I smeared the Mud over my aching neck. I then covered my neck with plastic (Glad wrap is considered to be the least toxic of plastic wraps. My personal belief is that plastic produce bags are safe to use.) I then applied heat. I used a moist warm towel. A heating pad, if you don’t leave it on too long, is another option. I found the combination of drawing out toxins and the relaxing effects to do wonders for reducing or eliminating pain. This lead me to believe that the mud would be an excellent first aid measure on a fresh injury as well.

Anyone with joint pain e.g. knee pain, swollen knees, elbow pain, arthritis in your hands or anywhere, I suggest you try this. You may be pleasantly relieved.

2. Itchy Flakey scalp – Whether you know if it is due to dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, or some unknown cause, it is well worth your while to try the mud. We know that it will at least open the area around the hair follicles to improve circulation, while it also will remove debris on the scalp. The high magnesium content of the mud has been found to be is effective in balancing such conditions.

3. My personal favorite is to smear the Mud all over my feet. Then put my feet into a plastic bag for 20-30 minutes. I then have a bucket of warm water waiting for me to dunk my feet into for an additional soak and rinse. To me that is heavenly

4. While my feet are soaking in mud, Callouses and cracks on the heels soften

What are the Hand & Body PLUS products?

PLUS products are the Hand & Body Creams that are formulated with extra skin soothing and reparative anti-oxidant extracts including Calendula, Rose Hips seed and Sea buckthorn berry.

A little dab goes a long way. A thin spread of the cream is all that is necessary to enjoy the full benefits of skin repair as well as the aromatic effects.

What people have been saying about the Aromatic Hand & Body Creams:


I like using your Lavender Cream on my two year old daughter. She has dry, sensitive skin and I feel confident using your cream because I trust that the ingredients are pure and not harmful. Plus, it relaxes both of us when we use it.

Donna W. Front Royal, VA

Peace & Calm

My mother love’s the Peace & Calm blend. She says she finds it both relaxing and uplifting in a particularly refreshing way. . I find it is a nice gift when I want to do a little something special for her.

Michelle B. Derwood, MD

Joy to the Heart

Joy to the Heart so appropriately named. This one sings to my heart! It is opening, refreshing and enhances all my energy centers. I especially like using it when I’m doing energy work.

Gina G., Nashville, TN

Mountain Essence

Mountain_Essence....reminds me of a walk through a quiet, pine forest; while making a garland of spruce and fir; there's the scent on your hands as you brush back your hair; a gentle breeze at the ocean carries the calming smell of cedar to you. That is why I like this crème.

Debra A., North Garden, VA

Serious Hand & Body Repair

I must say your Serious Hand & Body Repair Cream is really amazing. My hands were a wreck. In only two minutes after putting on the Serious Hand Cream, they felt perfect again. I've never had that happen with any other lotion I've used. It takes a surprisingly small amount to be effective. Also I love the scent it seems to make me more alert and energized.

Jim H. Sausalito, CA