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December, Holiday, News & Winter Specials

NEW for the Holidays Garden of Eve BodyWash Gel & BodyWash gel TRIO

I have had many requests for a body wash product. As you may be aware I am not a fan of “soaps” i.e. products that are saponified with potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide and/or containing sodium lauryl sulfate (or other foaming ingredients.) The toxic potential of these ingredients, I believe is worth avoiding and not necessary to a product.
Evidently enough people are in agreement with me, since I keep receiving these requests AND the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is looking closely and scrutinizing these ingredients as well.
Creating cleansers without such ingredients was the basis for how I formulated my facial cleansers – Facial Cleansing Nectar and Facial Cleanse or Mask.
There is more information about this in my article Qualities of a Perfect Facial Cleanser
The BodyWash Gel product has been fascinating to create. How to make a body cleanser that is NOT soap. Well, texture, spread-ability and of course cleansing effectiveness were all important considerations.
At Last! I have a BodyWash Gel that does not contain any potentially toxic ingredients. The gelling ingredient is Naturajel – a gum developed with sclerotium rolfsii, which is classified as a 100% natural ingredient.

I have found using the BodyWash Gel to be a soothing and refreshing experience. And it is wonderfully conditioning to the skin! My skin had already changed to dry and itchy from winter air and winter water. That itchy feeling on my back especially, that body creams could help but didn’t completely rid ‘till the humidity in the air returned with spring. While making the BodyWash Gel, I tested two different versions every day when I showered comparing their skin conditioning effect and consistency. I noticed very quickly that my dry itchy winter skin had reversed. I can’t tell you how “un-irritated” and happy that made me.

So, the Garden of Eve BodyWash Gel product is now available in the 5 oz airless pump bottles
see Hand & Body Care page for Images, Descriptions & Ingredients
$27 per bottle; OR BodyWash Gel TRIO - Set of 3 any for $69

Smooth, silky and highly conditioning to the skin, they add a luxurious pleasure to your shower experience. Available in four aromatic blends –each one offering different skin benefits and aromatherapy enjoyment. They all contain - Cranberry, Red raspberry and Blueberry seed oils which are rich sources of anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients. Thus they are nourishing, moisturizing and may ease dry, itchy scaly, irritated skin.

Four Blends:
Winter Wonder - Matricaria recutita (German chamomile)**
Zesty Shower - Cymbopogen citratus (Lemongrass)*
Shower Soother - Jasminum officianalis sambac (Jasmine)**
Nitty Gritty - Eucalyptus Globulous (Eucalyptus)* and Apricot seed powder

IN the NEWS – Throughout the Internet

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC) has just released their report titled Market Shift. The report documents how the CSC and EWG worked with cosmetics industry leaders to raise the bar for product safety, and grow demand for safe products. Garden of Eve is categorized as a “Champion” Company, i.e. we have met and surpassed all their requirements for producing safe cosmetics. You can find a link to the report on our Facebook page link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Garden-of-Eve-Skin-Care/96809012942 OR you can follow this link: http://bit.ly/rqyvjj

NEW - On our website –

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LOCAL NEWS –Charlottesville.

December Issue of Echo has published an article that I wrote on Green Gifting for the Holidays; A Gift for the Planet. The article has some useful ideas for greening the holidays.


Keep watching our Facebook page for Holiday Sporadic Special Offers – We’ve had some wild ones recently. Suggestions for gifts: Historically these are the Gift Items that ‘fly off our shelves” and are appreciated
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