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Essence of Garden of Eve Skin Care Wal-Mart's Organic


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   The Essence of Garden of Eve Skin Care Products

People who choose Garden of Eve skin care products recognize that I create my products without harmful synthetic chemicals; I choose organically grown and wild crafted ingredients; and I have a gift for blending yummy scented products that are truly effective and that is really all that matters.

 It occurred to me that people might also be interested in a bit more information about the type of ingredients I choose for my products.  So today I will shed some light on two forms of natural botanical ingredients. 

Essential oils, What are they; How are they produced?  

Essential oils are the result of a pure steam distillation of plants.  Have you ever seen or used a counter top distiller for purifying drinking water?  It is based on the same concept.  Plant parts - leaves, stems, barks, roots and flower petals can be used, though most flower petals are too delicate for steam distillation.  As much as hundreds of pounds of plant matter are put into a chamber with water which is heated to the temperature required to create steam and cause the oil ducts or oil glands of the plant to burst, thus dispersing the essential oils of the plant into the steam which is then recondensed to water.  Since oil and water do not mix, the essential oils of plants separate from the water and are now available to be skimmed off.

This method of obtaining the therapeutic essences of plants produces a liquid that is free of synthetic chemicals and maintains the perfect balance of the plants therapeutic properties as created by nature.  When distilled properly the plants vital energies remain intact. 

The beauty of using pure steam distilled essential oils is (1) purity  - no harmful synthetic chemicals used in processing (2) whole balance of nature, limited likelihood of negative side effects (3) vital energy of nature enhances health of body, mind and spirit.

Why Use Essential Oils in Beauty Care?

Essential oils have been known for their powerful beautifying potential since ancient times.  Each essential oil has specific properties.  Some essential oils are particularly hydrating while others are known for their ability to tone the skin, seeming to work magic with wrinkles.  Essential oils are abundant sources of anti-oxidants which can prevent free radical damage and thus have an anti-aging effect on the skin.  Still others have anti-microbial and astringent properties that address the bacteria associated with acne. Additionally there are plants that are anti-inflammatory and soothing to the skin.  These may reduce redness and irritation.  They all deliver nutrients and oxygen that improve circulation to give the skin a radiant healthy glow.  Combining the proper essential oils synergistically to balance chemistry in a manner that supports the required skin care is an art and a science that is the basis of Garden of Eve Skin Care Systems.   

Quality essential oils are a pure steam distillation of organically grown or wild crafted plants.  They are distilled at low temperatures and low pressure to protect the natural balance of the plants valuable constituents.  Be aware that there are essential oils that have been distilled rapidly and with the addition of solvents in order to produce a greater volume of oil faster.  These oils will not have the same therapeutic benefits and may cause toxic reactions.

Perfume and fragrance oils differ from pure essential oils in that they are either synthetically created or they contain synthetically created scents that do not have the emotional and physical therapeutic benefits that true plant essential oils have.  It is the synthetic fragrances that some people are sensitive to.

What are Hydrosols?

Hydrosols, sometimes referred to as floral water or water distillates, are also a result of steam distillation.  The water in the distillation chamber also absorbs the therapeutic constituents of the plants.  In fact, sometimes plants are distilled primarily for the hydrosol rather than the hydrosol being the by-product or run-off of the essential oil distillation.  The method of distillation temperature and time are designated to meet the requirements of the chosen end product essential oil or hydrosol.

When the distiller chooses to produce hydrosols as the primary focus of the distillation exceptionally high quality hydrosols may be produced.  These hydrosols are abundant with therapeutic constituents of the plants and thus highly beneficial to the skin.   Costly as these hydrosols may be they contribute so much to skin care that I use only 100% pure hydrosols in my Garden of Eve Facial Toners.  No drying alcohols nor glycerin will be found in Garden of Eve Facial Toners.

Note: The term hydrosol is sometimes incorrectly used.  I have seen flower essences referred to as hydrosols and I have seen water with essential oils added also referred to as hydrosols or floral water.  There can be a great difference in effectiveness.  It is important to find out what your products actually are made of.

July Special  

Garden of Eve Introduces a Sharing Bonus

Each time you introduce a new customer to Garden of Eve Skin Care products, you can receive a credit toward your next purchase equal to 10% of the new customer’s first purchase.

At the time of their first purchase the new customer needs to inform me that you sent them.

Additional July News

The Mud Party product has been a great hit with everyone who has used it.
I have found the results to be cumulative, as well as greater frequency also shows better results.  Depending on your skin a minimum of three times per week and as much as every day for some people has shown continued skin benefits of:

toning, shrinking large pores, more glow, reduced acne.

I have not heard anything yet from people with redness/rosacea.  If you have redness or rosacea type skin and have been using the Mud, please let me know what you are experiencing.


A Better Deal  

I have changed the packaging to a double wall plastic jar with a waterproof label.  I did this in the interest of preventing it from becoming a 'messy mess.'
The new jar contains 7 oz. for $ 39.00.  It is now a lower cost per volume.

  Eves Mud Party (7 oz) ................


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Custom Blending
For help choosing skin care products to meet your individual needs, contact Eve to schedule a consultation.


Living Green  ???

 Wal-Marts Organic
The Way We Live Now - Mass Natural
an article by Michael Pollan

Beginning late this year, Wal-Mart plans to roll out a complete selection of organic foods in its nearly 4,000 stores.  What are the implications?  Will this be better for the planet?  Yes, there will be less pesticides running into the soil and waterways. 
Pricing?  They say it will cost only 10% greater than conventional foods in the market. How will they produce this?  Who will this squeeze out?  Equally important is, what will the quality be?  What sort of standards will help make organic farming into industrial farming?  Will this be a true representation of the purpose of producing Organically Grown Food?   Doubtful?
You can read the full article by Michael Pollan  published in the New York Times June 4, 2006.  It is fascinating!


EPA Scientists Condemn EPA

In an unprecedented move, EPA's own scientists are lashing out against the agency, saying the profits of the pesticide industry are taking priority over measures to protect public health.  A union of over 9,000 EPA scientists has submitted a letter to the EPA's Administrator, Stephen Johnson, indicating that due to industry pressure, the "integrity of the science upon which agency decisions are based has been compromised." In particular, the scientists are concerned about a group of organophosphate pesticides they believe should no longer be allowed on the market due to their harmful effects on children, infants and fetuses. Specifically, the letter references 20 toxic pesticides that were developed from nerve gases
after World War II, many of which are still available for purchase at most gardening centers. The EPA has not responded to the letter.

Learn more: www.organicconsumers.org/2006/article_540.cfm

Granted we all have sufficient emails to read these days.  There are a few newsletters I receive once a month that I find of great value.  When I come upon an article that I consider particularly noteworthy I provide a link to it in my newsletter.  Organic Consumers Association and the Coop National Green Pages consistently publish valuable tid bits and articles.  Should you care to subscribe to them their links are: 

http://www.organicconsumers.org/organicbytes.htm  www.coopamerica.org/cabn/newsletter/index.cfm