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Eve's Mud Party National News on Organic Standards


Seasonal Fun

Its Summer and its time to play!

Do you remember squooshing your toes in mud as a young child; or stomping and splashing in muddy puddles?  I was often torn between it feeling icky and feeling good. 

Now we have some of the finest mud in the world to play with.  It is pure, sterilized mud from the Dead Sea.  I call it  Eves Mud Party. 
This is Mother Earths gift for making beautifying facials, detoxifying mud baths and mud wraps for the body. It is used at the most exclusive spas worldwide… and now it is available through Garden of Eve.

Better than a clay mask you dont need to mix it Mother Nature did.
  It has an infinite shelf life.  The Dead Sea Brine preserves and protects it.



☻ Of course, just playing in mud is a plus in my book; and becoming
       more beautiful at the same time Wow!
☻  The natural mineral content of the mud may create a thermal sensation,
       stimulating circulation and toning. 
☻ As the mud draws out impurities and exfoliates it may also minimize
       the appearance of large pores.
☻  Skin that is softer, smoother, more toned and glowing with radiance.

 When my friend Ruth saw the mud she was immediately excited about having a
 Mud Party with her sisters who are coming into town for a family wedding.

       Does this give you any ideas?          Let's Get Muddy!


I choose not to make health claims for any of my products.  I prefer for people to experience personal benefits for themselves.  I will say I was attracted to the Dead Sea Mud because I am aware of how beneficial it is for a variety of skin and health concerns, e.g psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, rosacea, acne and more.


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Eves Mud Party        Pure Dead Sea Mud   

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Custom Blending
For help choosing skin care products to meet your individual needs, contact Eve to schedule a consultation.

Custom Bending Testimonials:

Just checking in to let you know I'm doing really well with my custom products!!
 There *is* hope in a jar at last!  Thank you SO much!

Sue R.       Silver Spring , MD

I've been using the new formula you created and within a day or two, I noticed
a big difference. The psoriasis like areas on my cheeks were clearing
      and after using this one just a couple of days there appears to be less
evidence of broken blood vessels...less redness.
It appears you've again done your magic!!

Sandy J.      Charlottesville, VA


National News on Organic Standards

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, no doubt hoping to limit public controversy, has announced a very short public comment period (ends May 12, 2006) on proposed new federal regulations that will weaken organic standards. USDAs proposed amendments, supported by grocery store chains and large food corporations, will allow so-called organic dairy feedlots to continuously import calves from conventional farms where the calves have been weaned on blood, dosed with antibiotics, and fed genetically engineered grains and slaughterhouse waste. USDAs new rules will also allow over 500 artificial (synthetic) substances in organic processed foods without prior scrutiny and review by the National Organic Standards Board. USDAs latest efforts are basically an attempt to codify last falls controversial Sneak Attack in Congress, when industry players and the Organic Trade Association convinced the Republican Party majority to attach a last minute rider to the 2006 Agricultural Appropriations Bill. Take action now and tell the USDA to back off on lowering standards!


 My apology, I received this news from Organic Consumers Association (OCA) May 11.
 I thought it worth being aware of.