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Fall Renewal Mud Special; What is Planet-Friendly?

Garden of Eve Skin Care –October Newsletter
Living Healthy - Living Healthy, Living Green

We are finally settled in our new, beautiful location in North Garden, VA. Orders did continue to flow throughout the move. Keeping up with production through the move was a bit challenging at times. Our FALL Renewal Mud Special, although a bit delayed is now available. This is an excellent time of year to mud mask, as the season changes.

Cleanse the Pores - Exfoliate - and Renew!
Our FALL Renewal Special Offer is 18% OFF ALL Mud Party products
Valid thru November 15, 2010
Use Coupon Code: MUD

The mud comes in a 7oz. tub. This supply should last you through the Holiday Season, so that you can maintain your skin looking fresh, clear and renewed despite the challenges that Holiday celebrations and ‘goodies’ present.

Living Green –
I have had some thoughts brewing that were stirred up by the experience of the moving process. They are related to people’s concepts of ‘What is Eco-friendly’ and What people may ‘pass off’ as eco-or planet-friendly , which I have seen to be contrary to my belief in what is planet-friendly i.e. in support of our health and the health of our planet.

My recent experience -
I had my furniture cleaned by an ‘environmentally friendly’ company. They did an excellent job and I would use them again and recommend them with one realization in mind. While they were cleaning my sofas and I was busy continuing to pack boxes. I noticed a scent in the air that immediately registered as a ‘not’ natural aroma. When I asked what that was the cleaner said it is a ‘deodorizer.’ I commented that there was NO odor in my furniture and he agreed saying we always use this when there are pets. That raised a FLAG to me. I commented that ‘Clean’ has NO smell and their deodorizer to me was a toxic odor. Bless them, they are a wonderful company and re-cleaned my furniture to remove the ‘odor of the deodorizer.’ They did such a good job that I had them clean all my area rugs, tapestry and other items.

What is the true, pure definition of Environmentally or Planet - Friendly?

This is my core belief and my criteria for choosing anything that enters my physical environment, i.e. food, body care products, household cleaners and clothing as well how I have developed the Garden of Eve Skin Care products.
Only the elements that exist in nature belong in our environment.
i.e. Only elements that are produced by the planet are planet-friendly This is why. ..

What grows in nature is made of the same vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones and essential fatty acids that we are made of. That is why we benefit from them as our food, herbal remedies, and aromatic potions. Our bodies accept these as similar to and in alignment with our chemistry and thus conducive to building our health. Each plant, animal and mammal is different only in that these elements are configured differently for each species. Any highly processed version of any of these natural elements is no longer of the same purity and same essence as nature produced. It is therefore recognized by our bodies and our environment as a foreign substance that is potentially toxic. Research has shown that synthetic chemicals and synthetic fragrances specifically, are potentially toxic to our health and to the health of our environment. They are contrary to our natural chemistry and that of our planet. The deodorizer that I smelled got my attention immediately as not natural and toxic to me. Our sense of smell serves us as an early warning system. It is worthwhile to pay close attention. Only elements that are the same as what we and nature are made of are truly “planet friendly, environmentally safe, or eco-friendly.”

Questions and comments on this subject are welcome by email eve@garden-of-eve.com

Happy Halloween! from Eve and The Garden of Eve

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