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Are Your Hand & Body Care products 'all that they should be?'

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I have been asked by a long time customer to write about Hand and Foot Care. True, we can improve the condition of our hands and feet with a couple of simple steps.

Thank you Kai - Great idea! This is for YOU.

Ask Yourself:

Are your Hand and Body care products a superficial fix, or do they actually improve the condition of your skin?
• Does your skin continue to be dry and flakey, or cracked even though you are
applying moisturizer regularly?
• Does your moisturizer cream leave your hands oily after applying, so that you
need to wait before touching anything -- - - like your computer keyboard?
• Is your moisturizer cream heavy on your skin?
• Do you need to reapply your moisturizer cream throughout the day


• Do your hand and body care products actually improve your skin?
• AND you only need to apply after washing your hands; OR to your body only after you bathe?

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Would you like your moisturizer cream to:
• Feel light on your skin
• AND actually improve your skin
• Maintain your skin feeling well hydrated, soft, smooth and without dry cracks

What makes Garden of Eve Hand & Body Creams different -particularly effective?:
• It starts with the quality of the selected ingredients. This is the basis for creating our rich, luxurious blends.
• The unique method of blending that I initially developed for my face creams delivers products that condition, hydrate and protect without leaving the skin feeling greasy.
• The rich ingredients blended in this unique way ensure that a small amount goes a long way.
• Our Hand and Body creams are effective for both skin care and emotional revitalization.

Part 2 -
Home Spa Experience to deeply improve the condition of your Hands and Feet

Garden of Eve's Mud Party is an Amazing reparative potion for dry winter hands and feet.

You can treat yourself to some self pampering while reviving your hands and feet to feeling and looking 'brand new.'

To set the scene for a relaxing home spa pampering I recommend that you -
• Find a comfortable, peaceful place to sit.
• Light some candles and diffuse or mist your favorite aromatherapy oil.
• Have a bowl of warm water nearby and a towel to rinse off the Mud Party product when you are finished.

Simply apply a mask of Eve's Mud Party over your hands and/or feet and allow it to dry.
- If you've been using the Mud Party as a facial, you know that it doesn't require much time to dry.
• Then completely wash it off - - Do NOT use a drying Soap!

Apply your Garden of Eve Hand & Body Cream of your choice.
My personal favorites for extra dry skin are-

Serious Hand & Body Cream

Citrus & Sass.

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Restore Your Skin's Health Naturally
Garden of Eve Skin Care
as pure as it gets