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Greening the Holidays with Value Gifts that Support the Planet

Today’s shoppers are seeking value in their purchases. Holiday Season is a time that presents an opportunity to make gift choices that offer value to both the consumer and to the planet.

When selecting gifts and preparing festivities choices are available that can benefit the planet. Seeking out sustainably produced foods and gift items has a long reaching positive effect for the planet. Quality products that are produced in an environmentally friendly way is considered to be a purchase of optimum value. In respect to skin care consumers believe that value consists of skin care products that are safe, superior quality which are produced in an environmentally-friendly way. Garden of Eve skin care products meet these criteria.

Savvy consumers realize that taking care of their skin with a safe daily regimen is an important overall health and beauty precaution that is also enjoyed as a nurturing, pampering, self-care experience.

Garden of Eve Skin Care Kits and Body Care Creams are Historically Popular Holiday Gifts.

The hustling and bustling of preparing for the season’s festivities although joyous can be stressful. This is a perfect time to turn to aromatherapy for its unique and profound nurturing properties.

“Aromatherapy is one of nature’s many gifts. Whether that gift comes from rose petals, peppermint leaves or juniper berries, we all are touched in some way by the quiet fingerprint of plants.”
Patricia Carol Brooks, Aromatherapy Thymes

Garden of Eve offers an array of Aromatic Hand and Body Care Creams that make wonderful gifts. Some are formulated to be relaxing aromas and some are invigorating, while others reach a deep calm within. I expect you will find the yummy aromas will warm and uplift your spirit, while the luxurious creams will deeply nurture your skin. It has been my experience that people are thrilled to receive these products for holiday gifts.
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Mountain Essence is particularly fun for the Holiday Season. The aroma is a blend of X-MAS trees: Pine, Spruce, Cedarwood, Juniper, with a touch of Frankincense and Lemongrass. It uplifts the spirit with seasonal scents and is reported to ease aching, tired muscles.
Evergreen (X-MAS) trees bring Holiday cheer into our homes. Garden of Eve Mountain Essence blend is available for maintaining that ‘scentiment’ once we remove the trees from our home.

Did you know?
Originally conifer (evergreen) trees were brought into the house during winter season because they infuse the air with oxygen..a particularly effective antimicrobial element. Their presence was considered beneficial for bronchial and lung health.

Joy to the Heart is a blend of Rose and Citrus. Together they are very uplifting and do bring ‘Joy to the Heart.’

Lavender is the all time soothing and relaxing aroma. It is also known to be effective for easing headaches. It is especially known as the universal skin oil. Apply it to scrapes and scratches from handling decorative materials and they may repair in magical time. Citrus and Sass Citrus oils are reported to have a calming uplifting effect. They can be helpful during the winter season while we have fewer hours of sunlight. Garden of Eve blends Bergamot, Lime and Lavender for this uplifting calming potion that is also a magical skin softener.

Serious Hand & Body Cream is a must for dry cracked winter skin. I developed this formula when my hands were like sand paper, my legs looked like alligator skin and my back would itch when any clothing touched it. After a few days of use my awareness was not focused on my winter skin.

‘No Scent’ creams are also available

Holiday Roll Out – Phase Two
Continuing with Our Holiday Season ‘Roll Out ‘ of Special Offers more Garden of Eve Skin Care Kits available at 15% Discount for December Holiday Shoppers.
Our kits are an excellent opportunity to introduce the use of safe skin care. It is a gift that can potentially continue to give to the planet as you introduce these lovely products to your circle of family and friends.

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We offer KITS for Men & Women & for ALL skin types

‘No Scent’ Kits are also available

Do something special for the planet this Holiday Season by thinking green when purchasing special gift items for friends and family. Make Holiday Gifts a Gift for the Planet.

Happy Holidays

from Eve &

the Garden of Eve