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Helpful Hint - Facial Toner Harmonious Environment: Beautify, Detoxify & Energize Your Life, Your Home and Your Planet

When your skin care regime seems like it may need a boost, simply try a different method of using the facial toner. As the winter months take their toll our skin asks for special care. I find that leaving the Facial Toner wet on my face when I apply the moisturizer crème helps to move the added moisture along with the toner’s beneficial ingredients deeper into my skin. The ingredients of the facial toner and the moisturizer crème offer each other synergistic support. The result is deeper moisturizing and an improved vibrant glow. This also helps the jar of face crème to last longer.!

Garden of Eve’s facial toners are pure steam distilled hydrosols of organically grown or wild crafted herbs and flowers. They don’t contain any drying alcohols as compared with other facial toners. They are pure wholesome high grade nutrition for your skin. Each Facial Toner is developed to cater to each specific skin type.

Special Offer

If you haven’t yet used a Garden of Eve Facial Toner it is truly worth sampling.
During the month of March .5 oz trail sizes are available for $10.
Since this is not a regular item it needs to be ordered directly.
Phone 1-800-329-4748.

Helpful Hint – Eve’s Mud Party

Weekly or twice weekly mud masque facials will clear your pores so that your other skin care products can work more effectively. The Mud will also tone your pores and soften your skin as well as improve your skin’s healthy glow.