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Long Hot Summer

Long Hot Summer

WOW! It’s mid-August already. This has truly been a ‘Long Hot Summer.’ Beach vacations are a treat, but this summer they have not necessarily offered relief from the heat.

To help cool and soothe the skin
I’m offering discounts on my products that are used most during the summer.

Facial Toners - Our pure plant hydration Toners are great for misting on hot days to cool down and refresh. Especially beneficial for: Rosacea skin type; working outdoors e.g. gardening ; and outdoor activities.

Eve's Mud Party The Mud is important to use after every time you use sunscreen to remove those ingredients from deep in your pores. Many sunscreens are comedogenic (clog pores) as well as well as in terms of safety sunscreens are often made with the most precarious ingredients.

Hand and Body Creams - Citrus & Sass; Light and Lovely – no scent; OR Light & Lovely -Lavender
Anyone of these three picks contain ingredients that are soothing and reparative for the skin after sun exposure, chlorine pool water and even the wonderful ocean salt water.

BodyWash Gel (and TRIO) - The BodyWash gels are especially conditioning to the skin after using sunscreen or being in chlorine water or the salty ocean. They are available in 3 ‘flavors.’ If you like a loofah effect you can request any of them wit “grit” in the Comment Box at Checkout.

SO – ALL of the above items are on 15% Discount through August 31, 2012

Use Discount Code: AUG2012 (no spaces)


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