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Move on the Horizon- Safe Cosmetics Act 2010

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August 2010
August Heat is upon us. Hopefully you are enjoying your free toner sample from our July Special Offer. I welcome your emails commenting on your experience with the facial toner, particularly if you have not been using it as part of your daily regime. I have enjoyed the testimonials that I have been receiving.

There is a Move on the Horizon

Garden of Eve is moving location during toward the end of August. We expect that all orders will continue to be shipped as timely as ever – i.e. within 24-48 hours of receiving your order. Custom blends should also be shipped on schedule – i.e. within three days of your order.

HOWEVER, to avoid possible delays, we suggest that you order by August 23, 2010. Our new location and contact information will be posted on our Contact page as soon as it is in effect.

Another Summertime Tip – Eve’s Mud Party

After using an SPF (sun protection) product you can use Eve’s Mud Party to cleanse the sunscreen from your pores. This will help prevent unwanted breakouts or simply remove heavy build up from your pores.


Another eye opening educational YouTube , by Annie Leonard and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics http://naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=DF7480A7C06A9D99B9F641B0F0D4AB00


Better regulation of safe ingredients in body care products is clearly important at this time. However, there are mixed opinions as to how the proposed Safe Cosmetics Bill Bill will in fact be enacted. Will it squeeze out smaller independent businesses which often produce the safer products and support many households throughout the country? Or will it be mindful of such concerns and focus on the safety concerns without bringing hardship to smaller independent businesses? This is worth keeping an eye on. Mostly I believe that it is important to watch the changes that the Bill takes on as it progresses from a Bill to becoming a Law.

Keeping in mind that the ultimate goal stated by the campaign for safe cosmetics is: “Our end goal is to create a healthy green economy – one that protects people, workers and communities from unnecessary toxic exposures, and rewards the best and safest businesses practices.”

Still, many businesses are expressing concern as to what will actually be enacted. Follow this link to view 2 opposite views from Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Person Care Products Council: http://www.happi.com/articles/2010/07/online-exclusive-the-battle-heats-up-over-the-safe

The Discussion is Revving Up

Visit the Indepent Beauty Network Blog http://www.indiebusinessblog.com/2010/07/21/the-safe-cosmetics-act-of-2010-has-been-introduced/) to learn about independent business owners' concerns.

Additional reading and link to sign the petition to oppose this act:



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