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Garden of Eve - Newsletter

New Items at Garden of Eve Enjoy the Moose

It has been a very busy time at Garden of Eve. My newsletters seem to be the first item to loose priority. For those who enjoy and look forward to the information that I write about, I apologize for slacking. It is always for a good cause. We have just launched an updated website. I believe you will find that it is easy to navigate and checkout is a smoother process. Customers who registered on the previous website will need to register again, as that database is not transferred to the new site.

New Items:

- Hand and Body Creams are now available in 5 oz. pump bottles.

  They are priced at a 15% discount per volume. That is the posted price.


- Products for Pregnancy

  Expectantly Lovely Face Cream is now available in a No Scent version
  as well as the full formulation.


- Adam's products for Men are:

  Facial Cleansers
  Face Creams
  Eye Creams
  After Shave Toner - to soothe razor irritation and balance skin tone.

I am currently developing a Shaving Cream - for men and women


I thank everyone who sends their testimonials. They clearly are helpful to new customers for selecting their products and giving them the confidence to choose Garden of Eve products. With so many skin care companies on the market it is an overwhelming process for people who are just deciding to 'clean up' their body care product choices.

Plus - I never tire of hearing how I've provided worthwhile solutions to skin care.

I thank you!