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The New Year’s Resolution that Fuels Them All; Self-Care

Living Healthy

Bringing in the New Year traditionally inspires making resolutions to do better, be better and take better self-care. What to do to ensure the energy, and positive outlook to maintain the focus toward goals for 2010? It’s easy; make self-care the #1 priority. At Garden of Eve safe skin care is the primary mission. It isn't any wonder our products excel in the Skin Deep database, a popular consumer guide to safe cosmetic products.

Garden of Eve is proud to announce their support of the #1 important New Year's Resolution - taking care of oneself with our New Year’s Resolution Special Discount Offer.

After the Holiday Season’s festivities many people notice that their indulgence in the temptations of food and drink, has taken a toll on their energy and physical appearance. Along with the dryness of winter climate’s air, water and indoor heating one can’t miss that their skin now wants special pampering for renewal. All of this serves as motivation for making New Year’s resolutions for self-care. New Year’s resolutions come and go, but one that has stood the test of time and drives all the others is Self-Care. By taking care of oneself FIRST it’s then possible to focus on relationships and on goal achievement. Along with improved eating habits, getting adequate rest, and exercise, skin care tops the charts in the self-care category. But unlike the first three, it’s not really dependent on having a lot of self-control, so it has a higher probability of success.

“What better way to start the New Year in 2010 than pursuing safe skin care as a pathway to improved self-care?”

Bringing the New Year in with an improved choice of safe skin care products is in keeping with the times. Today, consumers are seeking value in their purchases. Skin care that protects health rather than compromises health, as well as being a quality product that provides effective skin care is considered to be a purchase of optimum value. To assist with kicking-off the New Year’s Resolutions, Garden of Eve is offering a New Year’s Resolution Discount Special. See details on which products the discount applies.

We have extended the Holiday Discount Offer on:

Face Care Sampler Kits
Basic Face Care Kits

Hand and Body Creams

And added:

Eve’s Mud Party – In support of starting the New Year Clean and Fresh.

Living Green

Did you know?

Many people think that by eating organically grown food they are safe from harmful toxins. This does help but there are other sources of toxic chemicals that enter our personal environment – e.g. fuel exhausts, and other air born chemicals. Additionally the skin is the largest organ. It absorbs the cosmetic products that we put on it; it also absorbs the chemicals that are in the clothes that we wear. So if you are wearing poly coated in fire retardant fabric you may want to make a better choice. That’s what the big push for organic clothes is about. Research has found fire retardant in women's breast milk. Other important considerations are the ‘stain free’ coating on furniture and carpets. We may not be able to live a totally toxin free life, so whatever choices we can make to minimize toxins in our environment will help to keep us healthy.