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Rosacea, Stress and the Holiday Season

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Rosacea is a reactive skin type; Stress and the Holiday Season need not cause 'flare-ups.'

Moving into the Holiday Season, stresses tend to increase. Rosacea is a skin type that tends to fluctuate with stress. It is ‘reactive.’ Identifying which type of stress aggravates your skin specifically, is key to minimizing your skin’s reactive response.

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Often, people with Rosacea skin type find that certain stresses affect their skin's appearance:

- Foods and drink (alcohol) will cause flare ups.

- Physical environment – excessive heat and humidity can also be a stressor.

- The heightened emotional stress of preparing festive Holiday dinners coupled
with a hot kitchen are a sure impetus for many people with Rosacea to react.

Rosacea is a reactive skin type.

It is not an illness that is to be cured or made to disappear. The key is to learn from your skins responses what it reacts to and what helps to minimize the reactive nature.

The reactive nature of Rosacea can be subdued with the use of certain plants in your skin care products. Garden of Eve Calm Facial Toner and Garden of Eve Calm Face Cream are formulated with plants that specifically:

- support the circulation of the skin

- minimize the reactive nature of Rosacea skin type

- reduce irritation and inflammation that contribute to the redness associated with Rosacea.

People using Garden of Eve Calm products have been finding that their skin maintains a calm, even and less reactive state.

Plants that are historically known to support circulation are Helichrysum and Neroli. German Chamomile has properties that calm and thereby reduce the reactive nature of Rosacea. Lavender and St. John's Wort Hydrosols are also calming, soothing and cooling to the skin.

People using Garden of Eve Calm products have been finding that their skin maintains a calm, even and less reactive state. Acne Rosacea also responds well to Garden of Eve Calm products.

“I met you last summer and tried your Calm products. I really enjoyed them and ordered replacement products. Then I did a stupid thing. I tried products offered by a another company. Boy am I disappointed. Your products, especially the toner, are very soothing and I could tell a difference by using the toner and the cream. I have placed a new order with you today. Thanks for offering such a nice product.”

-Leesa K. Warrenton, VA

“I admit it! I resisted using your Calm Toner for a long time. What a mistake that was. It is now my favorite product. When I spray it on my face and neck, I can literally feel the heat and irritation of my skin cooling, leaving me feeling so refreshed. Thank you so much.”

-Michelle B. Derwood, MD

Stress and the Holiday Season Need Not Cause Rosacea 'Flare-ups.'