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Seasonal Tips for Face Care Hand and Body Care with a Holiday Spirit Industry Sneak Attack on Organic Standards


Seasonal Tips - FACE CARE 

It is clearly Fall, and it is time we focus on different skin care for different seasons.  We’ll catch the good weather days as they come, making the most of them as we prepare for the colder winter days ahead.  This is a time when we think of both protecting and repairing our skin from harsh winter winds and dryness.  As the air outside changes we heat our homes drying the air inside.  We also wash our bodies and clothes in water that changes composition with the seasons as well.  We notice our skin begins to ask for special attention.  One person’s skin can be more resilient than others. It expands and contracts with environmental changes relatively easily.  However, most of us need more focused skin care with the winter’s changes.  

Here are three simple steps for winter skin care:


For help choosing skin care products to meet your individual needs, contact Eve to schedule a consultation.


Seasonal Tips -

Serious Hand and Body Repair is a must for dry cracked winter skin. I developed this formula last winter when my hands were like sand paper, my legs looked like alligator skin and my back would itch when any clothing touched it. After a few days of use my awareness was no longer focused on my winter skin.  Potters whose hands are dry from clay and men whose work causes dry, cracked skin rave about the effects of this cream.

"I have to say that your Serious Hand & Body Repair Cream is really amazing. My wife & I use it frequently and love it. Tonight after washing a million dishes by hand in scalding hot water without gloves, my hands were a wreck. In only two minutes or so after putting on the Serious Hand Cream, they felt perfect again. I've never had that happen with any other lotion I've used. It takes a surprisingly small amount to be effective. Also I love the scent. It is really invigorating; it always seems to make me more alert and energized."

-- Jim H., Charlottesville, VA

Hand and Body Care with a Holiday Spirit
Garden of Eve offers an array of Aromatic Hand and Body Care creams that make wonderful gifts. Some are formulated to be relaxing scents and some are invigorating. (see our Gift Items page for aromatic details.  We offer one that is particularly fun for the Holiday Season Mountain X-MAS Essence. It has the scent of X-MAS trees: Pine, Spruce, Cedarwood, Juniper, with a touch of Frankincense and Lemongrass.  It uplifts the spirit with seasonal scents and is reported to ease aching, tired muscles.

Did you know?
Originally conifer (evergreen) trees were brought into the house during winter season because they infuse the air with oxygen…a particularly effective antimicrobial element. Their presence was considered beneficial
for bronchial and lung health.

Living Healthy, Living Green News:
For decades there has been buzz among consumers and manufacturers in the food industry about the importance of organic products – initially food products and now body care/cosmetic products as well. Articles have discussed: What is organic? Why organic? Certified organic? Setting and maintaining standards for certified organic? The true question is, can the conscientious consumer be thoroughly informed, or are we being duped?

The following is an article that was published by Organic Consumers Association (Oct. 28, 2005) regarding a recent development in legislation pertaining to organic standards.

Do you feel protected by these standards?

Despite receiving over 350,000 letters and phone calls from OCA members and the organic community, Republican leaders in Congress October 27 attached a rider to the 2006 Agricultural Appropriations Bill to weaken the nation's organic food standards in response to pressure from large-scale food manufacturers. "Congress voted last night to weaken the national organic standards that consumers count on to preserve the integrity of the organic label," said Ronnie Cummins, National Director of the Organic Consumers Association. "The process was profoundly undemocratic and the end result is a serious setback for the multi billion dollar alternative food and farming system that the organic community has so painstakingly built up over the past 35 years. As passed, the amendment sponsored by the Organic Trade Association allows: Numerous synthetic food additives and processing aids, including over 500 food contact substances, to be used in organic foods without public review. Young dairy cows to continue to be treated with antibiotics and fed genetically engineered feed prior to being converted to organic production. Loopholes under which non-organic ingredients could be substituted for organic ingredients without any notification of the public based on "emergency decrees." OCA will work to reverse this rider with an "Organic Restoration Act" in Congress in 2006.

To read the complete article go to: http://www.organicconsumers.org/sos.cfm.

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Serious Hand & Body Repair - A potent blend to repair damaged skin. It is designed to defy the toughest of winter skin. It is also suitable for summer. Apply after sun exposure or a dip in the pool or salty ocean. It is non-greasy, not heavy and seriously effective. 
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Serious Hand & Body Repair - Newsletter Special


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