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Sensitive Skin; Switching to Natural Ingredient products Custom Blending; - - - Lead in Lipstick

People frequently come to me with sensitive skin. They tell me they can't find products that won't irritate their skin and cause reactions. These reactions can be redness, tingling, puffiness, break outs or actual inflammation and pain.

Most people, even those with sensitive skin, find that my products are a great match for them right away. Their skin responds readily to the purity and simplicity of the calming plant ingredients that I choose. For many people the change to using natural ingredient products is sufficient to alleviate their sensitivities. For others their skin sensitivity response is more involved. These are people who benefit the most from custom blended products.

A prime benefit of custom blending is the opportunity to select ingredients that are best suited to an individual. Not all plant ingredients are a good match for everyone. Occasionally a person may have a sensitivity to a plant that is known for its beneficial skin care properties. It is very much like a person having a food sensitivity to chick peas. It is a nourishing food, yet not everyone can utilize it efficiently. Therefore a sensitivity response occurs.

For some people the customizing process requires both patience and persistence in order to arrive at a formulation that will produce calm clear skin. During this process although it may not be obvious, the skin is progressively changing and improving. I therefore adjust the custom blend throughout this gradual process. You can rest assured that the reward of clear healthy skin that glows and radiates good health is available for everyone… without the use of harmful synthetic chemicals.

An important consideration is that when one switches from using synthetic chemicals to natural ingredients the skin will naturally initiate a cleansing process to remove the synthetic chemicals as soon as you stop using those chemicals. That is known as the 'Body's Wisdom.' The same type of spontaneous cleansing occurs when you eliminate processed foods and switch to all natural and organic foods.

Therefore, as the skin is introduced to new 'clean' ingredients it may not appear clear right away. It needs to clear gradually and adjust to its clearing as it learns how to find its own proper balance.

That is how health is created naturally. Whether it is the health of the skin or any aspect of one's health, creating health naturally, on a cellular level is a gentle process that requires a bit of patience and committed persistence.

Most often a total health commitment i.e. to whole foods free from synthetic ingredients and preservatives along with the use of non-toxic household cleaning products will hasten the return to healthy vibrant skin. The appearance of our skin is a reflection of our general health. It is actually the body communicating to us the imbalance within. Therefore the best approach to clear skin is a total health approach.