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Skin Care Tips for Winter Season More People and Businesses Going Green

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Winter chill is here. Drying winds and indoor heating systems dry the air which takes a toll on our skin. Now more than ever, my clients mention their skin needs deeper moisturizing. This is what I tell them; and this is what I do... it really works.

When I use my Facial Cleansing Nectar while I’m in the shower, I let it stay on my face for about one half to one minute (no more) before I rinse it off with a face cloth. Any longer could have a drying effect.

I mist my face with Garden of Eve Facial Toner.

I then apply Garden of Eve Face Crème while my face is still wet with the Facial Toner.This helps to move the moisture deep into my skin and maintain it there.
Whenever my skin appears dull or devitalized I mask with my Mud Party product. Sometimes just a thin layer of Mud is all I need. This stimulates circulation and introduces precious mineral nutrients to the skin while at the same time exfoliating and removing toxins. Then my skin resumes its’ healthy glow.

One more tip

Try my new Wow! Face Crème. It is formulated specifically for dry-sensitive skin. This is a mild formula to refresh, renew, and tone your skin. You may want to use this as an alternate to whichever Garden of Eve Face Crème formula you are using – i.e. Wise Woman or Clearly Lovely. For a limited time it is available in .5 oz size for $30.
To order call 1-800-329-4748


WOW! Face Crème – is a basic moisturizer crème to refresh, renew and tone your skin. Blended with exotic organic essential oils of: Clary Sage, Rose Geranium, Rose, Jasmine, and Carrot Seed; it is great for dry-sensitive and all skin types.

WOW! Face Crème (1.3 oz)...