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Skin Care Tips for February An Aromatic Tale of Luring the Heart

Skin Care Tips for February

February has the potential to be the harshest winter month. This translates into the need to maintain extra 'tender loving care' for our skin. The effects of cold air and wind followed by drying heat take their toll on the skin many layers deep. There are a few natural things we can do that will support the skin so that it remains resilient with a healthy glow.

After you come in from skiing or walking on a cold day, a warm shower, a facial steam or at least a warm face cloth soak will help promote good circulation and thus prevent clogged energy channels that can result in clogged pores or broken capillaries. Drinking warm herbal teas, eating fresh green leafy vegetables, and juicy fruits will help to moisturize the skin from the inside out. Eating easily digested proteins, foods high in zinc e.g. quinoa, and anti-oxidant rich foods are great skin enhancers any time of the year. However, the skin especially shows its appreciation for these foods when the added stress of cold weather is present.

Winter is an excellent time to experience some of the special benefits of the Mud Party product. As it encourages the return of good circulation to the surface of your skin from deep within, it delivers mineral nourishment and tones the pores so that oils and debris will not collect in them. It helps to balance oily skin as well as soften dry skin. The Mud always leaves my skin with a radiant glow. It is another one of nature's magical creations that I have come to love. A twice weekly regimen will bring cumulative results. It is an integral part of maintaining healthy vibrant skin throughout the winter months.

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   An Aromatic Tale of Luring the Heart

Aromatherapy and the use of the essential oils of plants has been an integral aspect of life throughout the ancient civilizations of China, India, Greece, Rome and Egypt. Whether used for their aromatic influence on emotions and mood, or used topically for their physical influence essential oils have been found to be a potent and effective form of herbalism.

A favorite story I came upon in my study of aromatherapy, was that of Cleopatra and how she used the essential oils in her conquest of Mark Anthony. It is said that on her voyage down the Nile to meet the famous leader, she had the sails of her ship soaked with the essential oils of rose and orange three times a day. Of course, she had the 'staff? to accomplish this. The significance of the rose oil is that it is has an effect of opening one's heart to being receptive. Orange oil brings harmony and balance to both body and mind. So this aromatic blend set the scene and the mood for her to be favorably received. Imagine the affect this had on Mark Anthony as well as all the town's people as Cleopatra's ship sailed into the harbor! Well, I'm sure this was not the only ploy she played on him. But I'm also certain it was quite effective!  

Rose oil is particularly effective for opening and balancing all of our energy centers. It has the highest vibrational frequency of all plants and raises the frequency of all our body's cells. Experience this emotional balancing and uplifting in Garden of Eve Joy to the Heart aromatic hand and body cream. 

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    aLiving Green

    The Chemicals Within -    

Many common household products contain compounds that could be affecting our health.    

As an Alaskan fisherman, Timothy June, 54, used to think that he was safe from industrial pollutants at his home in Haines-a town with a population of 2,400 people and 4,000 eagles, with 20 million acres of protected wilderness nearby. But in early 2007, June agreed to take part in a survey of 35 Americans from seven states. It was a biomonitoring project, in which people's blood and urine were tested for traces of chemicals-in this case, three potentially hazardous classes of compounds found in common household products like shampoo, tin cans, shower curtains and upholstery. The results-released in November in a report called "Is It in Us?" by a coalition of environmental groups-were not reassuring. Every one of the participants, ranging from an Illinois state legislator to a Massachusetts minister, tested positive for all three classes of contaminants. And while the simple presence of these chemicals doesn't necessarily indicate a health risk, the fact that typical Americans carry these chemicals at all shocked June and his fellow participants. As Stephanie Felten, 28, of Aurora, Ill., put it, "Why should chemical companies be allowed to roll the dice on my health?"