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Special Month of May Tribute to Women

Special Month of May Tribute to Women;
Mothers, Grand mothers, Grand daughters, Sisters and Girl Friends

All Garden of Eve Facial Toners and Men’s After Shave Toner

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And this story about Hydrosols is why

Garden of Eve Facial Toners are comprised of unique blends of pure steam distilled hydrosols. We do not add any drying ingredients like alcohol or harsh astringents like vinegar that are found in other brands. Emulsifiers, penetration enhancers and harsh preservatives are also not found in our facial toners…
Garden of Eve Facial Toners are made of ONLY pure steam distilled hydrosols of beneficial flowers and herbs.

The Story of Hydrosols; What are Hydrosols and How are Hydrosols made?

Flowers and herbs that are beneficial for health care and skin care are grown throughout the summer months ‘till they mature to their perfect state of highest concentration of beneficial properties. Immediately upon harvesting the plants are put into a steam distiller with water. The key to high quality hydrosols is distilling the fresh cut plants immediatly after harvesting so that beneficials properties do not evaporate as plants may dry. When the distiller heats up and the water turns to steam, the beneficial properties of the plants infuse the steam which then condenses again into water that is potently infused with the beautiful plant properties.

This process is season specific. Hydrosols are purchased directly from the grower/distiller only one time of the year- when they are distilled just after harvest.

Although the hydrosols are good on the shelf for two years without concern of depleting or spoiling, at Garden of Eve we like to start with new stock each year.
To clear our shelves and make room for the next new harvest we thought that this would be a good time to make a special offer of these precious plant potions.

- The Facial Toners are excellent for balancing the oils of the skin – whether dry skin or oily skin is your concern.
- They are especially wonderful for refreshing and cooling the skin during summer heat and humidity.

This is a great time to stock up while this unprecedented 25% off Special is running.

Garden of Eve has 4 Facial Toner blends tailored to individual skin types:

Wise Woman - for elegantly aging skin
Clearly Lovely - for acne and combination skin
Calm - for Rosacea and Acne Rosacea
Expectantly Lovely - for safe use during pregnancy
Adam’s After Shave Toner - for men

To learn more about using Garden of Eve Facial Toners read my brief article Why Use Toner

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