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Spring Cleaning Mud Party Special

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Its April; Spring is in the air; Spring Cleaning comes to mind

Thoughts go to spring cleaning inside & raking leaves to help ground flowers breathe. For skin care this is the Season for renewal and nothing is as reviving to the skin as Garden of Eve's Dead Sea Mud Party products. Eve's Mud Party products are excellent for clearing pores, exfoliating and bringing a vibrant glow of renewal to the skin. At Garden of Eve we blend our Dead Sea Mud with our top quality pure steam distilled hydrosols specifically selected to care for different skin types.

Elegantly Aging - Normal to aging skin, combination skin
Clearly Lovely - Acne or Acne Rosacea, combination skin
Expectantly Lovely - Expectant and lactating mothers

How it works:

- As the mud draws impurities in the skin to the surface it also gently exfoliates the skin leaving it soft and smooth radiating with a glow of health and renewal.
- Toning the skin's surface, as well as toning large pores, is a benefit of the mud that is praised by many.

The Mud Party has many different uses as we come into the warmer months. - It is excellent for quickly relieving the sting or itch of an insect bite as it draws the toxin out of the skin.
- Mud is also effective for drawing the heat out of a sun burn and reducing the redness.
- Mud packs used on bruises helps them to resolve quicker.
- Over worked aching muscles benefit from a soothing mud pack.
- One of its neatest surprises is how effective it is for removing skin tags

Garden of Eve’s April Stock up on Mud Party Special offers a 12% discount on all Garden of Eve Mud Party products.

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