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Summer Care for Your Skin Big Business Organic Foods

With the summer heat, perspiration brings both moisture and oils to the skin’s surface that trap dirt, bacteria and other environmental impurities in your pores. This can cause break outs, dull appearance and generally unhealthy skin.
What can you do to keep your skin looking fresh, clear and vibrant?

Cooling the surface –
Keep a small bottle of Garden of Eve Facial Toner in your purse, at your desk, or in your car. Use it for intermittent misting.

This will cool you down and help diminish further perspiring.
Most importantly it will clean and refresh your skin.
My clients with Rosacea tell me the Clearly Lovely-R Toner is their best friend and offers great relief, particularly in the summer heat.

Cooling the within –

  Cool purified water…add a squeeze of fresh organic lemon juice
  Cool Peppermint Tea
  Cool Rosemary & Peppermint Tea

How to keep your pores clean and toned?

Eve’s Mud Party, as a thin Masque, used regularly will keep your skin soft, clear and vibrant. It will also help enlarged pores to tighten so that debris does not get trapped repeatedly in them The gentle yet deep cleansing of the Mud will also stimulate circulation to give your complexion a beautiful summer glow.

.5 oz Facial Toner $10.00
2 oz Facial Toner with FREE 1 oz. empty mist bottle
Eve’s Mud Party

10 % discount $ 39.00 … now $ 35.00 Also with FREE 1 oz. empty mist bottle

To order June Specials: email eve@garden-of-eve.com or CALL 1-800-329-4748

Seasonal Formulas

Does your skin respond differently in the summer to the products you’ve been using throughout the winter? Help is here! I have developed a custom moisturizer base that your skin may prefer during summer. It is lighter on the skin than the winter formulations. Many people find this crème allows their skin to breathe better in the heat and humidity. It is a favorite in hot & humid Hong Kong.