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Garden of Eve - Newsletter

Summer Wonders with Our Friends the Plants

When the Summer heat hits and we want to enjoy the outdoors, we also want to be protected and cooled. Here are some tips from the Garden of Eve.

Maintaining a safe body temperature is of primary importance - Drinking (sipping) water throughout the day AND Spritzing with your favorite Garden of Eve Facial Toner will both cool and help to maintain clean pores free of perspiration.

My favorite After Sun Toner is the Calm Facial Toner

Outdoor Skin Protection

Mostly - don't allow your skin to burn from sun or wind. Garden of Eve Outdoor Fun product which was created last summer has become very popular again this year.

This is an outdoor skin cream for both face and body that is perfectly pure and free of harmful synthetic ingredients. It is made with a blend of organic oils specifically known for their outdoor protective benefits, the purest form of zinc oxide and a blend of organic anti-oxidant extracts.

After Sun Skin Care

Eve's Mud Party - for Facial After Sun Care

My favorite pampering luxury after the sun is to enjoy and Eve's Mud Party Facial. This can be as little as a wash of the face while showering OR indulging in a facial mud mask while soaking in a tub.

Eve's Mud Party is sterilized Mud direct from the Dead Sea. This is Mother Earth's gift for making beautifying facials. It is used at the most exclusive spas worldwide and now you can enjoy its many benefits at home.

After Sun Skin Care for the Whole Body

Eve's Favorite H&B Cream
For After Sun This cream is cooling calming and refreshing to the skin.

Citrus & Sass for Hand and Body is also a popular After Sun Replenishing Cream.

Wishing All a Happy, Healthy & FUN Summer.
Care for Your Skin Naturally

Garden of Eve Skin Care