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Summer Time Tips

Summertime Tips - Hydration and Antioxidants.
Important for both General Health and Specific for Skin Care.

Hydration –

As the summer climate heats up hydration is a must. Sipping purified water throughout the day; learning to recognize your body’s signal of its need for water is important for the health of all the organs and body systems and the health of the skin. Our organs will draw all nourishment and moisture first. The skin then receives what remains available. It is difficult to feed the skin all its needed moisture from dietary sources. That is where quality hydrating skin care products come to the rescue. Garden of Eve Hydrating Facial Toners supply excellent plant moisture and work in tandem with our Face Creams to move that pure moisture into the skin and help the skin to utilize the moisture AND maintain it.

Antioxidants –
We hear about antioxidant vitamins and minerals – A,C,E, Selenium, Zinc. But do we want to see these listed on our skin care product labels? How do we know if they are of a natural plant source or if they are synthesized in a laboratory?
What form of antioxidants is best for our health nutritionally and for our skin?
In my recent radio interviews, which can be found on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Garden-of-Eve-Skin-Care/96809012942

I discuss the importance of Whole Form ingredients. What a difference they make!
Briefly – a whole plant created by nature is designed to be our most effective form of nourishment. So, let’s eat those delicious summer fruits, and colorful antioxidant rich vegetables year ‘round, e.g. carrot, beet, cabbage, squash to enhance our health and protect our skin.
AND you can count on Garden of Eve to make skin care products with high quality, Whole Form - Sea Buckthorn berry, Carrot Seed, and Rosehip seed plants. These plants offer exceptional antioxidant benefits as well as additional elegantly aging benefits. You’ll find them in all of our face creams.

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