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Surprising Product Uses You Can Help Grow Organics

Our Summer market activities at:
The Charlottesville City Market
The Plains Green Barns Market
Whole Foods Farmer's Market

- Saturdays from 7 am - 12 noon
- Sundays from 10 am - 3 pm
- Tuesdays 4 pm - 7 pm


This sudden growth spurt has made it clear that it is time I have some help. Anyone in the Charlottesville area who is interested in, or knows someone who would be interested in, helping me keep all things running smoothly - - - i.e. assembling product orders, database maintenance and assistance with other hands on activities. A savvy mind about internet presence would be a plus.

This is a valuable business apprenticeship opportunity.
Please contact me by phone or email – 540-932-8585; gardeneve@planetcomm.net

Living Healthy

Surprising product uses:

People often tell me of a use they have found for a product, other than what they originally purchased it for…

* Anita, who spends her winters in the Florida Keys, discovered that her Wise Woman Facial Toner gave her great relief from a heat rash and the rash totally disappeared.

* There are more uses for the Mud Party product than any other single product. In addition to the ways it enhances the look and feel of my face and neck…
  • shrinking and toning enlarged pores
  • toning my neck even more than the Wise Woman already had
  • leaving my face exceptionally clean, soft and glowing

  • I also know I can count on it to:
    • ‘pull out’ the itch or sting of an insect bite.
    • diminish bruises
    • reduce swelling of my ankles after a long day on my feet
    • diminish redness from sunburn
    • remove skin tags

    In a pinch I have put the Clearly Lovely –R crème on a bruise and gotten almost immediate relief – it is the Helichrysum essential oil that comes to the rescue for bruises and other circulation needs.

    * New Item *

    I recently developed a new Hand & Body Cream – ‘Sweet & Sassy’ that has been selling out as fast as I can make it, and before I can even get labels made for it. People are trying this one on any troublesome patch of skin, such as between fingers and toes, inner arms. Here is the experience that my friend Malcolm had:
    I have used Eve’s Sweet and Sassy crème for severe allergic reactions around my eyes, and the results were extraordinary. I deal in exotic woods and occasionally, when sawdust gets in my eyes, I experience a painful dried-out, leathery condition around my eyes. Doctors have prescribed various crèmes (cortisone,etc.) for treatment, but none of these have been satisfactory. However, Eve’s Sweet & Sassy Crème has an incredibly soothing effect on this condition and clears it up in approximately one day. She is very talented in mixing organic and natural materials with spectacular results. I highly recommend her products.

    Malcolm McGregor, Celtic Rootes – Woodworking, Knife-Making, Lapidary

    I must say it is not me nor my crèmes that create the magic.
    The wisdom of nature’s plants is beyond categorizing.
    I find that with all of our individual differences, peoples’ benefits with each formulation continually surprise me.

    The Sweet & Sassy Cream contains Chamomile and Lavender essential oils as well as
    Kukui nut oil. These three plants soothe, regenerate and soften the skin. Combined they enhance one another’s magic.

    Nature’s plants and mother earth offer so many benefits.

    Please email me the ‘Surprising Uses’ that you have discovered
    for the mud or any of my products.

    By the way, Sweet & Sassy is still up for naming.
    I haven’t had the opportunity to design the label yet.
    Anyone who comes up with the winning name
    will receive a .5oz jar FREE.

    JULY Offer

    Sweet & Sassy 3 oz.
    dispensed in an airless pump bottle