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Sweat … What’s it Good for? Eco Summer Vacation

Sweat … What’s it Good for?

As the hotter, more humid days arrive, perspiration will increase. This is a biological process that I embrace. When I lived in Florida, the humidity capital of the US, I embraced that humidity and heat as support to cleansing. In the summer, it was like being in a full time sauna. However, hair and clothing often couldn’t dry. True that is a bit excessive.

When we exercise, we raise body temperature, heart rate, increase circulation and metabolism and perspiration increases. All body systems are stimulated in support of our health. Perspiration of the face and entire body cleanses toxins from the body as well as cleanses our skin’s pores. It is important to then cleanse those toxins off the surface of our skin, so that the toxins are not reabsorbed. This scenario can also clog pores and cause break outs and/or blackheads. If you tend to sweat a lot with the heat and humidity of summer it is important to keep the skin cleansed and refreshed, particularly if you have oily skin. If your skin type needs to be washed during the day it is especially important that you are using a gentle and nourishing facial cleanser. Frequent facial cleansing is inconvenient for most people. However, misting your face with your Garden of Eve Facial Toner will serve to cleanse, nourish and refresh your skin. It will also help to maintain your skin’s balance of oil production and tone your pores.

April Specials

.5 oz Facial Toners in convenient purse size non-breakable PET bottles are again available for $10.
Since this is not a standard item, to add it to your next order, it needs to be ordered by phone at: 800-329-4748.


When you perspire water soluble nutrients – minerals and vitamins are eliminated or lost thru the skin. It is important to replenish these nutrients, particularly trace minerals, as they hold the key to turning on the function of all other nutrients. For more information on this subject request a FREE copy of my booklet Minerals for Life to be included with your next order.


I have updated my article Sensitive Skin; Switching to Natural Ingredient Skin Care products. Since there are continually many new subscribers to this Newsletter, I am including a link to the article. It should be helpful information for anyone needing to better understand the transition their skin experiences when changing products.