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It’s October and Halloween is approaching. We’re getting busy almost before we realize that summer has past.

For now its costumes for kiddies – i.e. young and maybe grown ups too. And we’ll soon be preparing for all the winter Holiday celebrations.

 To ease this season’s shopping experiences, Garden of Eve is offering our TGIF Special Discounts on our Facebook page:

 We also have a new Blog for Information, Tips and additional Special Offers www.gardenofeveskincareblog.com I am currently posting several times per week.

 Important Feedback Request: I'm Taking a Survey - Please Help Me:

- Are you increasing using mobile phones to access websites?
- Are you using your mobile phone to access my website?
- Are you having trouble using your mobile phone on my website?
If so - please tell me at what point it fails. – e.g. moving products into shopping cart, checkout or it works fine.
AND – very important! – What browser do you have on your phone? – I believe this is the key

I Greatly Appreciate Your Response – Eve

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