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Thanksgiving and Green Gifting for Our Dinner Hosts

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As Thanksgiving approaches thoughts of aromatic and yummy foods shared among friends and family come to mind. A special gift of appreciation to the Thanksgiving Host is always a nice touch.

Variety of Garden of Eve Skin Care Kits are available and on Special 'till Thanksgiving

"We can give green gifts during the Holiday Season and introduce our friends and families to ways of caring for the planet while caring for ourselves as well." This practice can help the green consciousness 'ripple out.' As people enjoy their green gifts they may choose to incorporate those products into their daily life.

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There are many green products to enhance the quality and enjoyment of our daily life, e.g . foods, skin care, clothing and decorative items. There are many types of companies that have built their product offerings on the criteria of caring for the planet. Green Gifting for the Holidays is an important gift to the planet... and for our quality of life on this planet.

Consumers are finding that purchasing from 'true' Green Companies to be a positive experience - from the superior value of the products to the pleasant and caring customer service. After all caring for people is an aspect of caring for our planet. It is a step forward toward individual personalized care that had been left behind when commerce became 'mega-commerce.'

Garden of Eve Skin Care exemplifies true green principles in every aspect of their company's actions. At Garden of Eve a prime focus is to reduce the carbon footprint of skin care production. Ingredients are prepared by natural methods - steam distillation of herbs for essential oils and hydrosols, cold pressed carrier oils, and natural gas extracts. There is minimal electrical power and minimal water use in production. No environmentally damaging chemicals are used. Additionally to support fair trade efforts our 'Kits and Gifts' are packaged in attractive hand-made fiber bags and bamboo boxes produced by a fair trade company in the Philippines. The containers of the finished products can be reused or recycled. Shipping supplies are also reusable, recyclable biodegradable materials often from suppliers' shipments and local stores that would otherwise end up in landfill. Printing is on recycled paper and Energy Star-rated electronic equipment is chosen.

This is what qualifies Garden of Eve as Green "Skin Care that Cares for Our Planet."

Do something special for the planet this Holiday Season by thinking green when purchasing special gift items for friends and family. For Green Gift ideas watch what Garden of Eve is offering this season.

Make Holiday Gift Choices a Gift for the Planet

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