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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Aromatics that Soothe and Inspire the Heart

Valentine’s Day has been referred to as a man made marketing fest for greeting cards, flowers and chocolates. Yet it continues to inspire expressions of romance, honoring of friendships and love ones. This special day inspires hope for continued warm, caring relationships. Garden of Eve offers Special Valentine’s Discounts on personalized presents for both men and women.

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At Garden of Eve we support the ‘scentiments’ of Valentine’s Day with the aromatic essences of Rose and Citrus which historically have been found to bring ‘Joy to the Heart’ since the days of Cleopatra.

A favorite story I came upon in my study of aromatherapy, was that of Cleopatra and how she used the essential oils in her conquest of Mark Anthony. It is said that on her voyage down the Nile to meet the famous leader, she had the sails of her ship soaked with the essential oils of rose and orange three times a day. Of course, she had the 'staff?’ to accomplish this. The significance of the rose oil is that it is has an effect of opening one's heart to being receptive. Orange oil brings harmony and balance to both body and mind. So this aromatic blend set the scene and the mood for her to be favorably received. Imagine the affect this had on Mark Anthony as well as all the town's people as Cleopatra's ship sailed into the harbor! Well, I'm sure this was not the only ploy she played on him. But I'm also certain it was quite effective!

Today anyone can warm their heart while softening their skin with Garden of Eve’s Joy to the Heart Hand and Body Cream. It affords a great opportunity to experience the deep uplifting calm of the aromatic blend of flowers.

You can never have too much Joy!

Men are not to be ignored on this day of caring expression. Garden of Eve has a special treat for men as well. Men can adorn themselves with pure subtle essences while addressing their masculine skin care needs. Adam’s After Shave Skin Toner is a great introduction to caring for masculine skin with only pure wholesome ingredients. Today men are seeking pure non-toxic skin care products. Garden of Eve offers a complete line of pure quality skin care for men.

Aromatherapy is an age old tradition that can reach the emotions on a deep and subtle level. Aromas can bring forward treasured memories of family and friends. Aromas can also inspire joy and creativity or enhance calm and relaxation. The right aroma can even help to promote a restful night’s sleep. Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for introducing this ancient ‘therapy’ to a loved one.

This month we are offering Special Valentine’s Discounts on several products:

Hand & Body– Joy to the Heart ; Light & Lovely – Lavender ; Light and Lovely – no scent

For Men – After Shave Toner

Pregnancy – Light & Lovely – Lavender ; Light and Lovely – no scent Hand and Body Creams

Kits & Gifts – Hand and Body Care Kit

BodyWash gel – the Shower Soother is made with Jasmine, which is particularly soothing and uplifting to the heart.

BodyWash gel TRIO - Select 1, 2 or 3 of a kind.

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