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Valentine's Special Aromatic Tale of the Heart

Over the past years I have enjoyed working with skin care clients. I take great pride in offering personalized care and attention to my customers. I feel that the people who are attracted to Garden of Eve skin care products are special people who care about their health, the health of our planet and the resulting beauty that shines from within. To me you are all Valentines.

In keeping with the theme of this month – Valentine’s Day and what is dear to the Heart my thoughts first come to the Joy to the Heart Hand & Body cream. Here is an ancient tale that explains what this blend represents.

An Aromatic Tale of Luring the Heart

Aromatherapy and the use of the essential oils of plants has been an integral aspect of life throughout the ancient civilizations of China, India, Greece, Rome and Egypt. Whether used for their aromatic influence on emotions and mood, or used topically for their physical influence essential oils have been found to be a potent and effective form of herbalism.

A favorite story I came upon in my study of aromatherapy, was that of Cleopatra and how she used the essential oils in her conquest of Mark Anthony. It is said that on her voyage down the Nile to meet the famous leader, she had the sails of her ship soaked with the essential oils of rose and orange three times a day. Of course, she had the 'staff?’ to accomplish this. The significance of the rose oil is that it is has an effect of opening one's heart to being receptive. Orange oil brings harmony and balance to both body and mind. So this aromatic blend set the scene and the mood for her to be favorably received. Imagine the affect this had on Mark Anthony as well as all the town's people as Cleopatra's ship sailed into the harbor! Well, I'm sure this was not the only ploy she played on him. But I'm also certain it was quite effective!

Rose oil is particularly effective for opening and balancing all of our energy centers. It has the highest vibrational frequency of all plants and raises the frequency of all our body's cells. Experience the emotional balancing and uplifting in Garden of Eve Joy to the Heart aromatic hand and body cream.

True this lovely blend of Rose & Citrus does call to our hearts – uplifting and opening our energies. It also is formulated with botanicals that are specifically beneficial for our skin.

You can never have too much Joy!

Are You Sensitive to Scents?

Although the only aroma in Garden of Eve Skincare products is that of pure steam distilled plants, I understand some people's systems are so sensitive they can easily be overwhelmed even by the scents of natural ingredients.

For this reason all Garden of Eve products are available with little or no scent. You can view ourno scent products at http://www.gardenofeveskincare.com/no-scent.html

Being chemically sensitive myself, I know how difficult and frustrating it can be to find quality products to use. This is why I developed Garden of Eve skincare products - first for myself.

Now, it is a pleasure for me to help people looking for non-toxic products that benefit their skin. Although most people do very well with my basic formulations, I am happy to customize products when needed.

This month we are offering Special Valentine’s Discounts on several products –

Hand & Body – Joy to the Heart and Light & Lovely

For Men – After Shave Toner

Pregnancy– Light & Lovely Hand and Body Creams

Kits & Gifts – Hand and Body Care Kit

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