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What is a Truly Natural Product?

Whole Form vs. Isolates Ingredients

First – Why Use Plant Ingredients?

Plants are made up of the same vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, hormones, enzymes and oxygen that people are comprised of. That is why we benefit from eating plants and using them topically for skin care without harmful side effects. Our body chemistry recognizes plants and welcomes them as beneficial to our health and chemistry. Plants enhance our well-being.

Why Use Whole Form ingredients – simply said to:

Experience the best results from the
Purest, Safest products.

What is a whole form ingredient?
Whole form ingredients are extracted or derived without compromising any of the constituents of the whole plant. The benefits of the whole plant are optimal because all of its natural chemical elements remain totally intact and working in concert with each other, as nature intended.

What is an Isolate ingredient?

On the contrary when elements of a plant are isolated, e.g. when you see vitamin C, A or E listed as an ingredient, it is separated from its necessary co-factor elements. It no longer has the complete benefit that it does in its natural whole plant form. Isolated, the vitamin can no longer act optimally as it does when in concert with all of its natural plant co-factor minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids, hormones. All of the co-factors are necessary for optimal use.
In other words the vitamin C within a whole form ingredient is more effective and better utilized by the skin than an isolated inert vitamin C added to a product.
I am sometimes asked - Since vitamin C, A, E or other anti-oxidants are important for the skin why not add them to a product?
The answer is ‘again’ – Each whole ingredient actually contains those antioxidant vitamins. And in their whole form they are far more effective than any inert isolated vitamin.
Although each plant may have a specific focus, all plants will contain some antioxidant elements, as they are necessary to the plant’s life.
Additionally there are some plants that are especially abundant in antioxidant properties. Seabuckthorne berry, Rosehip seed, Carrot seed are a few.

What are examples of whole form ingredients?

Essential oils Hydrosols Natural extracts (CO2, alcohol or glycerin extracted) Vegetable oils – cold pressed only Clay, Mud (pure no fillers or binders) Seaweed, crushed herbs and flowers

Are Isolates Natural?

Once a vitamin is isolated it is no longer in its natural form. Another important consideration is – How was it isolated or derived; chemically perhaps?
Actually the term “Natural vitamin C” is a contradiction. The term “Natural” is only accurate if pertains to one of the whole forms of a plant listed above.

Why do manufacturers use isolates and synthetics?

Cost, convenience and a lack of understanding nature influence skin care production.
It is most important for the consumer is to know that isolates do not make quality products.

You can have Confidence in Garden of Eve Skin Care products
ALL Garden of Eve Skin Care products are made ONLY with Whole Form Ingredients.

You can rest assured that you always will be getting the most out of your Garden of Eve Skin Care products.

Product Focus for Winter Skin Care:

Face Care:

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Facial Toners - help to combat dryness

Hand & Body Care:

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Serious H&B Care and Citrus & Sass appear to be the all-time favorites.

BodyWash gel is gaining in popularity as it is highly conditioning to the skin.
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