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Why Choose Natural An Aromatic Tale of Luring the Heart

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With the New Year comes thoughts of renewal and improvement. How can we live healthier? What can we do to help others? What can we do to serve the planet?  We look for ways to improve life for our families and contribute to community and the betterment of life on Earth.  We may not be able to solve all the problems of the world, but through our awareness of how we live each day, the conscious choices we make we do contribute to the health of our families and community and to life on this planet.

Why Choose Natural? … Going to the Source for Safety

Many of the synthetic ingredients used in commercial skincare and body care products have been found to cause a variety of health concerns. Some reactions seem relatively mild, and some are clearly catastrophic e.g. skin rashes and irritations, bronchitis, headaches, nausea, asthma, hormone imbalance, reproductive problems in men and women, and cancer.  Whether the symptom is minor or major it is important to realize that it is an indication that harm is occurring to the body.

However, when we use natural ingredients in their whole and balanced state, with as little processing as possible, we avoid the health risks associated with synthetic and chemically derived ingredients. Only then can we experience the full benefit of nature’s beautifying plants.

All that we need we can find in nature. All of the synthetic chemical ingredients created thus far,  have not surpassed the effectiveness of nature’s herbs, vegetable and nut oils, fruits and flowers when it comes to creating skincare products that help maintain our beauty and youth.  We also subsequently help care for our planet by not depositing synthetic chemicals in the earth and waterways.


I found this to be a fun and informative Quiz:

                             How Smart Are You About Cosmetics?                         

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The Wisdom of Natural Skin Care

Ingredients Found in Everyday Products that can Endanger your health  


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The Basic Face Care Kit contains the complete face care system - cleanser, toner and moisturizer creme. It is available in formulations for all skin types - mature, acne, rosacea and combination skin.  It is also available with the rejuvenating eye creme.

Facial Cleansing Nectar     1 oz.
Wise Woman Toner           1 oz.
Wise Woman Emollient     .5 oz

Rejuvenating Eye Crème  .15 oz.
Joy to the Heart cream     .5 oz

Basic Face Care Kit ........................................ $75.00


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Custom Blending
For help choosing skin care products to meet your individual needs, contact Eve to schedule a consultation.

Valentine Seasonal tip:

An Aromatic Tale of Luring the Heart


Aromatherapy and the use of the essential oils of plants has been an integral aspect of life throughout the ancient civilizations of China, India, Greece, Rome and Egypt. Whether used for their aromatic influence on emotions and mood, or used topically for their physical influence
essential oils have been found to be a potent and effective form of herbalism. 

A favorite story I came upon in my study of aromatherapy, was that of Cleopatra and how she used the essential oils in her conquest of Mark Anthony.  It is said that on her voyage down the Nile to meet the famous leader, she had the sails of her ship soaked with the essential oils of rose and orange three times a day.  Of course, she had the ‘staff’ to accomplish this. The significance of the rose oil is that it is has an effect of opening one’s heart to being receptive.  Orange oil brings harmony and balance to both body and mind.  So this aromatic blend set the scene and the mood for her to be favorably received.  Imagine the affect this had on Mark Anthony as well as all the town’s people as Cleopatra’s ship sailed into the harbor!
Well, I’m sure this was not the only ploy she played on him. But I’m also certain it was quite effective!

Rose oil is particularly effective for opening and balancing all of our energy centers.  It has the highest vibrational frequency of all plants and raises the frequency of all our body’s cells.  Experience this emotional balancing and uplifting in Garden of Eve  Joy to the Heart aromatic hand and body cream


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Joy to the Heart  3.3 oz.
Joy to the Heart 3.3 oz. ................................. $30.00

Choice of any .5 oz  hand and body care product 
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