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What Determines Optimum Value in Skin Care?

Wise Shoppers Seek Value in Purchases; What Determines the Optimum Value for Skin Care?
Why Choose Organic? Is Organic Fairly Priced?

Today’s skin care market is flooded with an overwhelming variety of brands, each one promoting how they have the products of choice. However, consumers have different criteria for choosing their products. Consumers’ criteria vary from bargain shopping to value shopping with value bargains being a winner.

When seeking value in skin care the question arises are organic plant based products better? Are they worth the cost? Which brings us to why do organic products cost more than the synthetic chemically produced products?

First, let’s consider the creation of a natural ingredient for skin care products from cultivation to use -

Skin care products that are made with natural i.e. plant ingredients are developed with ingredients that have been cultivated, nurtured and protected until they are ripe. Plants are harvested once they reach their optimum potential for nurturing and benefiting the skin. Once harvested the plants are prepared for use. Herbs and flowers are prepared into the forms that can be incorporated into the variety of skin care potions - creams, facial toners, facial cleansers and exfoliates. These processes are distilling essential oils and hydrosols, processing extracts, and cold processing carrier oils. For a product to be considered truly natural this requires that mechanical processing is minimal so that the plant ingredient maintains its full range of beneficial properties and is therefore optimally effective in its skin care. Although labor intensive this does create products of superior value.

Some companies serve as the grower, processor, formulator and producer of the finished product. Some companies purchase their natural ingredients from certified growers, then they create their finished products with their unique formulations.

As you can see, the natural, organic process from ground up to jar and bottle incorporates individual human care throughout each phase of development.

Natural ingredients that are organically grown are the most valuable (preferred) for use, as they are free of potentially harmful pesticides. This type of agriculture does require a different type of care that is more costly to produce but far less costly to health. Organic vs. commercial agriculture is a topic of constant news posted by the Organic Consumers Association newsletter for easy access and updates.

There are many brands of products on the market that are laden with synthetic chemicals. They have been shown to have a great potential for health hazards according to the many scientific studies that the campaign for safe cosmetics database reveals.

So, when discerning the value of natural organic skin care products the superior value is clearly there. The human care involved in the natural agricultural process as opposed to use of synthetic chemicals created in a laboratory for comparatively pennies on the dollar does account for differences in both price and value. The price of organic skin care products reflects the cost of the labor of cultivation. Sustainable agricultural methods hold greater value. Weather conditions can challenge crops and therefore market supply and thus costs. Organic certification is also costly. Higher quality ingredients will also cost more.

We all choose what we value. Information is what fuels wise decisions.

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