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Why Use Toner Wonderful Visuals of Antartica

Facial toners are an especially effective part of skin care and also the least understood element of the system. They are a bridge between the facial cleanser and moisturizer. They complete the cleansing process by removing any debris or residue of the facial cleanser that may be left in one's pores. The toner then initiates the hydrating-moisturizing process. It is the central focus of the skin care system. Toners should hydrate, revitalize, soothe and balance the pH of the skin. Toners literally relax and tone the pores preparing them to more effectively receive the benefits of the moisturizer crème.

At Garden of Eve my approach to facial toners is different than others that I've seen on the market. You will not find any drying alcohols or harsh astringent ingredients in my facial toners. They are made solely of pure hydrosols (also referred to as hydrolates or floral water) from the steam distillation of organic and wild crafted herbs and flowers. Each toner blend is tailored to support the specific needs of each skin type. Top quality hydrosols can be quite expensive, particularly those of exotic and rare plants such as Neroli, Rose and Cistus. However, because they offer significant skin care benefits I consider them essential to my face care systems.

Garden of Eve facial cleansers do not tend to leave residue, so unless your skin needs deeper pore cleansing, simply misting the toner on your skin to allow the nourishment of the toner to feed your skin will be sufficient. Should you feel that you need deeper pore cleansing you can use an organic cotton pad on specific areas or all of your face. It is important that the cotton pads are made of organic cotton. By using commercial cotton pads you will be rubbing harmful synthetic chemicals into your pores. If your skin is easily irritated you would not want to rub it with a cotton pad. Ultimately each person decides the best method for their skin care.

Garden of Eve facial toners are formulated to work synergistically with our face crèmes. The ingredients in both products enhance each other's skin care benefits. Another added benefit of using the toner is that it helps the jar of face crème to last longer.

Skin Care needs that facial toners benefit:

Large pores, excessive dryness, excessive oiliness, persistent break outs, blackheads, 'pre-mature' aging, rough skin texture, devitalized skin.

Tips for toner use:

Our facial toners can also be used throughout the day as a refreshing treat for your skin.

If you have oily skin clean your skin gently an organic cotton pad. Mist the toner on your face once more to receive the moisturizing and other skin care benefits that it offers. Now you have clean, hydrated skin. Using a facial toner formulated for oily skin type can help keep oil production balanced throughout the day. Beware of toners that contain alcohol or acetone. They are drying and may over stimulate your skin to produce more undesirable oil.

If you have sensitive and irritated skin our Clearly Lovely-R facial toner has been used for quick relief of irritation flare-ups.

If you have dry skin apply your moisturizer crème while your skin is still damp from the toner mist.