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Winter can be challenging to our skin Do you know the difference?

Winter Can be Challenging to Our Skin!

Does the dry winter air, hard winter water and drying indoor heating make your skin seemingly uncontrollably dry? Many people find that they benefit from a skin care system specifically formulated to meet their winter skin care needs. If you think you would do better caring for your skin with formulations adjusted to meet the changes of a winter environment you are welcome to email me at eve@garden-of-eve.com. We can develop the skin care system that will support your skin through the winter months.

Supportive suggestions:

a Using Eve's Mud Party (Dead Sea Mud Masque) will cleanse and clear your pores
  deeply, yet gently. This will enable your skin to better receive the facial toner and
face crème. The Mud nourishes the skin and leaves it soft and smooth - feeling
hydrated. Your skin will show a radiant healthy glow.

a Garden of Eve Facial Toners are formulated with the hydrosols of organic and wild
  crafted herbs and flowers which are chosen to support the hydration and oil
balancing needs of each specific skin type.
Applying the face crème while the facial toner is still wet on your face will help to
move the moisture of the facial toner deep into your skin where it is needed.

a Foods that support healthy vibrant skin
- Essential fatty acids oils - flax, hemp seed , evening primrose, or black currant
  seed in oil or capsule form.
- Anti-oxidant rich vegetables (red, yellow, red).
- Raw vegetables - rich in raw enzymes will support a healthy glow. Raw green   vegetables are excellent.
- Drink plenty of water - sip it throughout the day.
- Use whole food nutritional supplements to insure that your food plan is balanced
  and complete.

a Foods that contribute to dehydration of the skin and deplete minerals essential
for healthy skin care.
  - Coffee, alcohol, soda
- Processed carbohydrates and sweets

The Holiday Season is notorious for its tempting foods and beverages that can take a toll on the appearance of our skin causing breakouts or a dull appearance. Taking time to pamper yourself with quality skin care will reward you with a radiant glowing complexion throughout the challenging winter months.

aLiving Green

Do You Know the Difference?

Fragrance Fragrance-Free Unscented No Scent


First we must consider 'What is Fragrance?' It is a term used on cosmetic product labels that is a catch- all term for an array of synthetic chemicals added to create scent synthetically, extend the life of the scent, and/or to mask the scent of synthetic chemicals contained within a product. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics cautions that these chemicals are potential health hazards. For further information about Fragrance read my article 'What is Hidden in Fragrance' http://www.garden-of-eve.com/pages/article-hidden.html.


When no synthetic fragrance chemicals have been used in the formulation of a product this terminology is accurate. This is different than scent having been removed or masked.


Cosmetic products that contain potentially harmful synthetic chemicals used to mask the odor of ingredients in the product. The ingredients that emit the odor are not removed. They are still present in the product.

No Scent

Cosmetic products that are formulated only with ingredients that naturally do not have significant scent/odor, are the only products that qualify for this terminology. No potentially harmful synthetic ingredients have been added to remove or mask the scent of the product. This is the safest and purest form of product that does not have scent/odor.

All Garden of Eve products are made with natural ingredients that are closest in form to how they occur in nature. The aromatic odors of our products are the result of pure natural plant extracts and essential oils that are chosen for their skin care benefits. These aromas will dissipate readily because synthetic chemicals, e.g. pthalates and alcohols, have not been added to extend the life of the scent. The aromatic component is enjoyed by many people as a perfectly safe aspect of our products. These products are Fragrance-Free in that they do not contain synthetic fragrance chemicals. However, we understand that some people are overwhelmed or distracted by products that have even a natural aroma. We therefore offer Face Care and Hand and Body Care products that are developed with 'No Scent' for people who are sensitive to all scents. These products are formulated without aromatic essential oils. They also provide effective skin care. However, with the use of nature's plants in their pure essential oil form we believe that we can provide superior nourishment for the skin.