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Our Green Mission

Our purpose is to provide skin care products that are safe for people to use and that are produced by methods which are environmentally friendly. The two causes are easily integrated because what is safe for people is safe for the planet and vice versa.

Garden of Eve was developed based on green business practices. It begins with the ingredients that we use, which are elements of nature that are grown and harvested by sustainable agriculture, rather than synthetic petro-chemical ingredients. Our ingredients are prepared by natural methods – steam distillation of herbs and flowers for essential oils and hydrosols, cold pressed carrier oils, and natural gas extracts.

We use minimal electrical power and minimal water in our production. We do not use any environmentally damaging chemicals. The containers of our finished products can be reused or recycled. For shipping we use reusable and recyclable, biodegradable packaging materials often from suppliers’ shipments and local stores that would otherwise end up in landfill. Our printing is on recycled paper. We use Energy Star rated electronic equipment.

At Garden of Eve we do our part to reduce the carbon footprint. Our website, articles, newsletters and blog are vehicles for educating consumers about the importance of safe skin care and the importance of purchasing products that are produced by green, sustainable methods. 

That is what qualifies Garden of Eve as “Skin Care That Cares for the Planet.” It is my hope that mainstream cosmetic production will come to understand how basic and important this is.

‘We don’t need to sacrifice our health for the beauty of our skin, and likewise we don’t need to sacrifice the health of our planet to have beautiful skin. Excellent results can be achieved with ingredients from nature.’

Eve Stahl, Garden of Eve