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Our Safe Cosmetic Policy

Our Safe Cosmetic Policy
Policy of Compliance with Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Garden of Eve Skin Care maintains a policy of complete compliance with the policies of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Environmental Working Group and European Union directives for maintaining safe cosmetic products that are free of chemicals that are known or strongly suspected of causing cancer, mutations, birth defects or posing other health risks.

We list all product ingredients on our labels and on our website with both their International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients ( INCI ) and their common names. Whenever formulations are modified the changes appear immediately on our website and are submitted to the cosmetics database for update. We continually research the safety of our ingredients so that Garden of Eve products are maintained as the safest possible products that we can offer to consumers.

We maintain our company as a green, planet- friendly company. Our belief is that what is healthy for people is healthy for our planet. Our products are made with organic or wild crafted plant ingredients. We do not use synthetic chemical ingredients. We do not test on animals and our ingredients are sourced from suppliers who do not test on animals. We source our ingredients and packaging from fair-trade suppliers. We welcome queries about our policies and products.