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A Letter from Santa

A Letter From Santa
Greening the Holidays with Green Gifts
Santa's Letter
If Santa were to write a letter, what do you think he would ask for?
Would it be more elves to help him through his work this season?
Would it be more chocolate and candy canes to help him through his work and joy this season?
Would he ask for Rudolph's light to be brighter, so that he could see better through the smog filled atmosphere?
Or, might he want our plentiful gifts to be Green Gifts, as they would also be Gifts for the Planet?
A Gift with Purpose is a Gift of Value

While consumers are seeking value in their purchases, gifting with a green purpose for the health of the planet also helps planet consciousness to 'ripple out.'
Great values can be found that resonate with a planet-friendly view.
There are a variety of 'Green' companies committed to improving the health of the planet. Choices for clothing, toys, furniture, food, gardening, skin care, interior decorating, packaging, office supplies and equipment all offer opportunity for greening the planet. 
Purchasing "Green" this holiday season can truly make a difference.
 Green Skin Care Gifts
Why Green Beauty Products
Beauty products can be packed with double value, beautifying not only the skin but the planet too. Skin care products can either have a huge negative impact on the planet, and our health, due to the synthetic chemicals they frequently contain. Or, as with Garden of Eve products they can bring a unique, beautifying experience to consumers and the planet every day through the use of non-synthetic whole plant ingredients perfect for green gifting.
A 'face for the ages' (not an aging face), and a healthy radiant appearance can be achieved using pure natural plant ingredients.
We don't need to sacrifice our health for the beauty of our skin, and likewise we don't need to sacrifice the health of our planet to have beautiful skin. Excellent results can be achieved with ingredients from nature.
Do something special for the planet this holiday season by thinking green when purchasing gifts for friends and family. For green gift ideas visit the Garden of Eve Green Resources and Green America pages. And, don't forget to view the Garden of Eve Green Gifts page.
Make Holiday Gift Choices a Gift for the Planet. 
Yours in Health and Beauty,
Eve Stahl

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