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Products Help in the Fight to Eliminate Carbon Footprint

North Garden, VA - September 2011 – Many people fail to realize that when they are using products to enhance beauty, they could actually be damaging not only their health, but the environment as well. The skin care we use daily greatly impacts the planet and there is growing concern that many of the production the market have a negative effect on the environment due to the synthetic chemicals commonly used as ingredients and in the manufacturing process. Eco-friendly Garden of Eve skin care recognizes the threat posed by chemicals in other beauty products and carefully blends together only natural ingredients that care for both people and the planet.

The skin care products that consumers use may have a severe impact on the environment. In Drop Dead Gorgeous, author Kim Erickson writes, “Many of the ingredients used in cosmetics are environmental pollutants. Along with the waste produced during the manufacturing process, millions of gallons of synthetic chemicals are washed down the drain and into the sewer ever y day. Petro-chemicals commonly used in makeup, skin creams, and hair care products not only contaminate our waterways, but also can destroy marine life. The surfactants in hair rinses, shampoos and lotions can end up in the soil, significantly changing the way plants grow."

Garden of Eve’s line of skin care products offers a high-quality alternative that helps promote environmental sustainability. Specially crafted to revitalize the skin, these products are void of synthetic ingredients such as parabens, which have ties to environmental and health issues. Garden of Eve utilizes organic cold pressed oils, unbleached and unrefined hand pressed butters as well as organically grown herbs and flowers for their extracts and essential oils. Natural ingredients used include essential oils of organic Rose and Jasmine flowers, organic seaweeds and organic oats. These are shown to enhance the skin’s appearance and reduce the signs of aging without dangerous and unnatural processes.

“We have created a product line that makes it simple for consumers to protect themselves and the world they live in.” says Garden of Eve founder and health consultant Eve Stahl. “We have discovered that healthy skin is more easily attained with the correct use of natural ingredients and that caring for the environment no longer means sacrificing beauty.”1

Garden of Eve not only manufactures safe, natural products, but also strives to limit the carbon foot print left by the company by applying environment saving techniques in all aspects of the company. These practices include minimizing waste by using reusable and recyclable package materials from their suppliers’ shipments and local stores that would otherwise be discarded. From administrative decisions, to using green ingredients, to packing materials, Garden of Eve is doing its part to preserve the planet.

Garden of eve products are made for both men and women of all skin types. They specialize in sensitive skin and products safe for use during pregnancy.

Garden of Eve was founded in 2003 by health consultant Eve Stahl and provides natural, safe and 100% ecologically-friendly skin care products. As a proud signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, Garden of Eve manufactures and provides a safe alternative to products that contain harsh chemicals that can seriously harm a person’s health.

For more information about Garden of Eve and founder Eve Stahl visit: www.gardenofeve.com.

1 Kim Erickson, Drop Dead Gorgeous (New York: Contemporary Books, 2002)

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