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Garden of Eve Skin Care Relocates;
Featuring a “Start-a-New” Fall Special Offer


Garden of Eve skin care celebrates the completion of 8 years with an exciting relocation from Afton, Virginia to North Garden, Virginia, followed by a Fall Special “Start-a-New” Offer. Expansion is on the Horizon.

An exciting and fruitful eight years have been enjoyed on top of Afton Mountain by Garden of Eve Skin Care, a relatively small company dedicated to promoting safe organic skin care products that are produced based on sustainable, eco-friendly principles.

"The Spring and Summer Season’s have been exceptionally beautiful and inspiring on Afton Mountain, as have the Fall and Winter Seasons been stunningly beautiful yet sometimes a tad harsh. It is clearly time to expand the facility. Looking forward, the new location is expected to afford better accessibility throughout winter. True, one never knows what Mother Nature has in store; the choice of a lower altitude is expected to prove favorable."

During the moving time frame, all deliveries are expected to continue as promptly as ever. However, to avoid possible delays, we suggest that orders be placed by August 22, as the move will take place shortly thereafter, during the end of August.

Following the move, in celebration of this exciting development Garden of Eve is offering a special Following the move, in celebration of this exciting development Garden of Eve is offering a Special 'Start –a- New' Discount on Eve’s Mud Party product for all orders placed during the month of September. The product consists of Dead Sea Mud blended with pure organic steam distilled plant Hydrosols. The significance of choosing this product to represent the ‘new beginning’ of the company's new location, correlates to how the Mud Party is the perfect product for a ‘new beginning’ for the skin. As it cleanses deep yet gently it restores the glow of vibrant radiant skin. It is excellent for removing any build up of summer skin protection products or other product residue. It is a great 'start –a-new' for the skin’s smooth, clear texture.

Eve, founder and owner of Garden of Eve Skin Care, founded the company in January of 2003. Her quest for optimal health lead her through many years of study to learn how to cleanse and rebuild health through nutrition, and other health building techniques. In all her studies the one area that she found to be most lacking of a good solution to an important health dilemma, was that of the trend in body care products manufacturing. She therefore developed Garden of Eve Skin Care to provide a safe, healthy solution for consumers seeking to use safe skin care products. Eve is also active in educating consumers on how to maintain optimal health. Her products are scored “0-1” (low) health hazard by the campaign for safe cosmetics and the environmental working group.

Garden of Eve produces and distributes 100% safe and ecologically-friendly skin care products for both men and women. As a proud signer of The Compact for Safe Cosmetics, Garden of Eve manufactures and provides a safe alternative to products that contain harsh chemicals that can seriously harm a person’s health. For more information on Garden of Eve and founder Eve Stahl visit www.gardenofeveskincare.com

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