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Greening the Holidays with Garden of Eve's Skin Care that Cares for the Planet

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Greening the Holidays with Garden of Eve’s Skin Care; Skin Care that Cares for the Planet

Consumers are seeking value in their purchases. Many consumers don't realize that beauty products can be packed with double value, beautifying not only their skin but the planet too. Skin care products can have a huge negative impact on the planet due to the synthetic chemicals they frequently contain. Garden of Eve products bring a unique, beautifying experience to consumers every day through the use of carefully selected whole plant ingredients, perfect for green gifting.

Garden of Eve is proud to announce their Green Skin Care Gift Sets for Green Holiday shoppers. Consumers today want to make a difference in the world in as many ways as possible. With careful selection of natural skin care products it is possible to leverage purchasing power to beautify the skin, and the planet too. "Doing well by doing good" is a concept that is really catching on, and by purchasing products that reduce carbon footprint and promote environmental sustainability, everyone can do their part without going outside their current budget or buying extra products that they normally wouldn't purchase. In these tough economic times, great values can be found that resonate with a planet-friendly worldview and a desire to make the world a better place. Garden of Eve’s Special Holiday Offers include attractive green skin care gift sets packaged in fair trade hand woven fiber bags at special discounted prices for the holidays.

Today, consumers are seeking value in their purchases. Safe skin care that has a health value as well as being a quality product that provides effective skin care plus is produced in an environmentally-friendly way is considered to be a purchase of optimum value. Many consumers have become aware of the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database report for assessing the safety of their skin care products. Accessing information about the safety of cosmetic products also assists people to make environmentally-friendly choices. “What is safe for people is more likely to be safe for the planet.”

A "face for the ages" (not an aging face), and a healthy radiant appearance can be achieved using pure natural plant ingredients, like those found in Garden of Eve Skin Care systems. Even better, their use can help to protect the planet. In her book, "Drop Dead Gorgeous," author Kim Erickson writes, "Many of the ingredients used in cosmetics are environmental pollutants. Along with the waste produced during the manufacturing process, millions of gallons of synthetic chemicals are washed down the drain and into the sewer every day. "But what can be done to stop this? By purchasing safe and "Green" this holiday season, shoppers can truly make a difference. And why not be sure about what we use on our skin? It's the largest organ of the body and the doorway to good health. Garden of Eve products lead the way in safety scores and sustainability practices. They have delighted consumers since the company was founded in 2003.

Garden of Eve was created by Eve Stahl, a health consultant and beauty expert with a passion for protecting the planet."We don't need to sacrifice our health for the beauty of our skin, and likewise we don't need to sacrifice the health of our planet to have beautiful skin. Excellent results can be achieved with ingredients from nature." Eve's own experience with environmental sensitivity and sensitive skin issues led her on a journey that eventually resulted in the creation of her own company. She built Garden of Eve based on green business practices, such as using reusable and recyclable packaging materials from suppliers' shipments and local stores that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Using plant ingredients rather than synthetic petro-chemicals, printing on recycled paper, and choosing Energy Star-rated electronic equipment are some of the other green choices that Garden of Eve makes in doing its part. Eve is also a participating member of the Green America Business Network and a signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. Together, both of these non-profit organizations exemplify the two guiding principles on which she developed her company - safe for people and safe for the planet.

Do something special for the planet this holiday season by thinking green when purchasing special gift items for friends and family. For green gift ideas see what Garden of Eve is offering this season.

Make Holiday Gift Choices a Gift for the Planet.

Garden of Eve produces and distributes 100% safe and ecologically-friendly skin care products. For more information on Garden of Eve and its founder Eve Stahl, please visit www.gardenofeveskincare.com.

Also on FaceBook (garden-of-eve-skincare) and Twitter(@eveskincare). ###

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